FITARA Implementation Training: Improving IT Management and Results

Course 3629

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: English
  • Level: Advanced

Technology is a vital contributor to the effective and efficient mission execution of all government agencies. Is your agency’s IT organization able to effectively deliver for the mission? Are you improving with every FITARA scorecard? Using an IT Management Maturity Model developed by subject matter experts from the American Council for Technology - Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC), in response to a request by OMB, this FITARA Implementation course will teach you how to assess and improve your agency’s IT organizational maturity and ability to deliver new capabilities for your agency. This Maturity Model is being used by several agencies already to help drive value in Federal IT investments, deliver efficient services, and protect Federal IT assets and information.

  • In this two-day course an attendee will gain a comprehensive understanding of the IT Management Maturity Model and its use within an agency. This course can be extended to a four-day workshop, giving you the opportunity to work with an expert instructor to self-assess and create an action plan customized to support maturing IT Management for your agency.

  • Manager/Director of an agency IT organization
  • Manager of a department within an IT organization (e.g., application development, operations)
  • Analyst/Technical Lead supporting agency IT organization performance (Program, Financial, or job series-2210; 0343)
  • Member of an agency business or mission unit that works closely with the IT organization
  • Member of the Finance, Acquisition, Procurement, or HR organizations that work closely with the IT organization.

FITARA Implementation Training: Improving IT Management and Results Delivery Methods

  • Train your whole team by bringing this course to your facility

FITARA Implementation Training: Improving IT Management and Results Course Benefits

Assess your agency maturity in five critical areas of IT management – governance, budgeting, acquisition, organization and workforce, and program and project managementIdentify the critical elements required to be successful in running an IT organization and in serving your customers, and review examples of where things have been done incorrectlyDiscover the leadership and cultural attributes necessary to develop a high-performing and mature IT organizationIdentify critical measures that can be used to support the implementation and ongoing measurement of IT management maturity in an agency.

FITARA Implementation Course Outline

  • Definition of IT Management and its importance in realizing the full benefits of IT
  • History, Objectives, and Requirements Overview of FITARA
  • Definition and attributes of Governance
  • Level of visibility and involvement of Senior Agency Officials in the management and oversight of IT resources
  • Effective delegation of decision making and proper reporting
  • Compliance reporting requirements
  • Performance metrics that reflect successful maturity
  • Definition and attributes of budgeting
  • Visibility of IT resources
  • Setting processes for planning, programming, and budgeting stages
  • Metrics to define successful maturity
  • Definition and attributes of Acquisition
  • Accountability for cost, schedule, performance, and security
  • Investment and portfolio management maturity metrics
  • Definition and attributes of Organization and Workforce
  • Strength of relationships between agencies and bureaus
  • Defining roles, responsibilities, and authorities
  • Workforce maturity metrics
  • Definition and attributes of Program Management
  • Defining roles, responsibilities, and authorities
  • Institutionalizing program and project management disciplines
  • Program and project management maturity metrics
  • Interactions between the five functions
  • Self Assessment and Action Plan Development
  • Ongoing measurement and improvement

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Course FAQs

ACT-IAC is a partnership between government and industry professionals, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization established to improve government through the effective and innovative application of technology. ACT-IAC provides an objective, trusted and ethical forum where government and industry executives can communicate, collaborate and learn.

For many agencies it is difficult to know how well they are doing in the different aspects of IT management. By using the IT Management Maturity Model outlined in this course, you gain an objective understanding of how your agency IT organization is truly performing in each critical function. Just as importantly, the maturity model provides descriptions of various levels of maturity for each function, and provides the organization with steps that can be taken to improve its overall maturity.

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