Benefits for Course Participants

Holistic learning in and out of the classroom

A Complete Learning Experience

From real-world case studies to one-on-one mentoring, our courses offer a wide range of valuable learning opportunities.

When you enroll in one of Learning Tree's Guaranteed to Run (GTR) course events, you can rest assured that the event will run at the specified date and time. This allows you to focus on the most important thing — your training.

The individual course pages on our website are updated twice a week, with all the latest course events. Just look for the GTR checkmark when you enroll.

AdaptaLearn™ allows you to tailor the hands-on exercises of your course to match your current background and skill level.

Even after you finish your course, you can download and use AdaptaLearn™ along with your personal Computing Sandbox to redo and extend the hands-on exercises.

The Learning Tree Computing Sandbox is a virtual machine that gives you after-course remote access to the software you used in your course, for a period of 90 days.

With the Computing Sandbox, you can:

  • Redo your hands-on exercises
  • Develop and test new code
  • Experiment with the system

For up to 90 days after you've completed your course, your instructor will be available to help you:

  • Apply your newly gained knowledge
  • Overcome start-up hurdles
  • Navigate specific applications

To get in touch with your instructor, simply complete and submit a coaching request.

Have questions about a Learning Tree course or training path?

Talk to one of our expert instructors to get direct answers, guidance, and advice.

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Talk to one of our expert instructors to get direct answers, guidance, and advice.

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