Private Team Training

Increased employee engagement and higher success with private instructor-led team training.

Why Choose Team Training?

Team Training offers all the advantages of individual employee development, but multiplies the impact with winning solutions designed for team dynamics. Learning in a team structure builds motivation, improves employee retention, and enables you to upskill your talent with the latest technological capabilities while increasing individual productivity and organizational profitability.

  • Take advantage of group sessions to build employee relationships with real-time collaboration.

  • Select a convenient training location to accommodate team members and work schedules.

  • Improve employee retention by increasing their commitment to the success of the organization.

  • Give practical hands-on experience that can be applied immediately to existing projects.

  • Simulate real-world scenarios to improve situational thinking and team collaboration.

  • Improve workplace culture by creating an environment that promotes learning and change.

Discover the Benefits of Private Team Training with Learning Tree

Training programs can be tailored to meet the project needs and requirements of your team.

Leverage our live, online training platform to connect your team members in real time to an instructor.

Secure a time, location and minimize your workforce's downtime while avoiding offsite training cost, such as air fare and hotel accommodations.

Private training is specifically designed for group training and provides an average price savings of up to 20% compared to individual training.

Onboard and increase employee retention with training that helps you assign better roles to new team members, change existing job roles and present better career opportunities.

Group certification programs can ensure that your new hires and existing team members learn and develop at a consistent pace with comparable vocabulary, technical knowledge and skills.

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