PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Certification Training

Course 1177

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Exam Voucher: Yes
  • Language: English
  • 11 NASBA CPE Credits
  • Level: Foundation
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This PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification course will prepare you to successfully pass the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam and learn how to take advantage of the compatibility between PRINCE2 and Agile. You will be equipped with the skills and processes to deliver projects that meet your customers’ needs in today’s fast paced and rapidly changing business environments.

PRINCE2 Agile is all about using PRINCE2 and Agile together. IT combines the framework of PRINCE2 with the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile. Attend this course and learn how PRINCE2 Agile merges flexibility with pragmatism and enables you to scale flexible delivery with appropriate control and good governance.

Through practice exam questions, workshops, and overnight study, this training course provides you with the knowledge of PRINCE2 Agile Foundation principles. You will come away with the fundamentals of a complete agile project management solution.

    There are no formal pre-requisites for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam. However, knowledge of either project management or Agile delivery will help.

      • We recommend you read the PRINCE2 Agile manual prior to your course. The following PRINCE2 Agile materials will be sent to you two weeks prior to the course:
        • PRINCE2® Agile manual
        • Study guide to help structure your reading of the manual
      • During the course, two hours of evening study each night is required.

      Learning Tree provides an exam voucher to attendees to take the exam after class. Exams are proctored by PeopleCert. Successful completion of the exam delivers the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification.

        Wouldn’t you like to sit your exam knowing that you could have another shot if the outcome is not what you expected? With Learning Tree, now you can! This Learning Tree training course features the Take2 re-sit exam option. In the case of an unsuccessful result, you can retake the exam within six months of your first try.

          PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Certification Training Delivery Methods

          • Earn PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification online or in class
          • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exams voucher included
          • Take2 exam re-sit included on eligible public events
          • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation manual and pre-course study guide included
          • After-course instructor coaching included

          PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Certification Training Course Benefits

          • Gain the best of both worlds, an effective focus on management and delivery
          • Establish a tailored governance framework that satisfies senior management
          • Create an agile friendly environment that enables and facilitates agile delivery
          • Increase stakeholder engagement and confidence
          • Realize the benefits of unrestricted agile delivery with tailored and tuned project management

          PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Course Outline

          • Explaining the rationale of PRINCE2 Agile
          • PRINCE2 Agile is for projects only
          • Introduction Agile concepts
          • Agile basics
          • Who is PRINCE2 Agile for?
          • Which communities will benefit from PRINCE2 Agile
          • When and where can I apply PRINCE2 Agile?
          • What does PRINCE2 Agile consist of?
          • Pre-project and the initiation stage
          • Subsequent delivery stages
          • Final delivery stage
          • Agile and the PRINCE2 principles
          • Agile and the PRINCE2 themes
            • Focus on purpose and key elements
          • Agile and the PRINCE2 processes
            • Focus on purpose
          • The concept of flexing what is delivered
          • The Lean Startup method
          • The Scrum framework
          • Focus areas for PRINCE2 Agile
          • Purpose and how to assess suitability
          • Requirements definition
          • Requirements prioritization
          • Forms of communication
          • The PRINCE2 Agile approach to communication
          • Purpose and benefits
          • Primary considerations when structuring an agile contract

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          Course FAQs

          Yes! Project management at its best is a facilitator and enabler of your chosen delivery approach. It should not limit or disable your solution. PRINCE2 Agile is about tailoring PRINCE2 to enable agile working to be successful in a project environment. It does not limit agile nor does it suggest that your agile solution needs to change in any way. PRINCE2 Agile adds the benefits of great governance without losing the benefits of great delivery.

          No! PRINCE2 has a long and very successful history of enabling waterfall-based solutions and approaches. However, it is not itself a waterfall nor is it limited in any way to waterfall working. PRINCE2 can support any delivery approach. PRINCE2 Agile describes it doing that for agile working.

          The most successful agile frameworks describe small delivery teams working in a collaborative manner and delivering little and often. They are discovery based and adaptive. They favour customers being represented by a single individual (product owner) and business value being the driver for work selected and delivered. On a small scale they are all you need to succeed.

          However, as the scale grows… multiple customers, multiple teams, larger products and broader goals and objectives… they do not offer any way of managing these challenges. This is the environment that PRINCE2 was built for. A way of working that decides what projects to do, sets up the environment for success, regularly checks that a business justification for the work exists and continues, escalates significant issues, reports progress to senior management and coordinates multiple teams working.

          Bring both together with a strong emphasis on “protect the delivery approach from anything that will make it less effective or efficient” and you can have the best of both worlds… Demonstrable governance and effective delivery.

          You will be provided with an exam voucher for the exam and a link to register and schedule your online exam session with the PeopleCert web proctoring service. You will take your exam after you have completed your training course.

          For publicly scheduled course events, Learning Tree will set up the Take2 option for all attendees when we order your exam voucher. If you aren’t successful on your first exam, you will be notified by PeopleCert that you are eligible to register for the exam retake. Unfortunately, those who attended a course event before April 1 and attendees of private or closed training events are not eligible for this benefit unless this has been pre-agreed.

          Though exam vouchers can cost hundreds, there is no additional cost to you to sign up for the Take2 re-sit program. Take2 is an additional complimentary benefit offered to you by Learning Tree.

          Yes, you must re-sit the exam within six months of your initial exam.

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