Preparing for an AI Transformation Initiative

Course 4701

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation

This course offers a comprehensive overview of AI transformation components. It covers AI fundamentals, with an emphasis on generative AI and their rationale. Participants will explore key AI technologies and tactics, learning how to leverage them effectively. The central theme is improving the customer experience through a planned approach, utilizing tools like customer journey maps, digital twins, and data science.

The course highlights the importance of cultivating an AI mindset for both leaders and individuals. Additionally, it introduces strategies for continual improvement to ensure sustainable and effective AI transformation.

AI Transformation Initiative Prep Delivery Methods

  • Online

  • Upskill your whole team by bringing Private Team Training to your facility.

AI Transformation Initiative Prep Information

In this course, you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the key elements involved in an AI transformation initiative.
  • Learn to create compelling visions that drive AI adoption within organizations and among individuals.
  • Develop the right mindset for leadership and individual contributors to embrace AI.
  • Ensure AI adoption efforts remain customer-centric.
  • Understand AI transformation as an ongoing, evolving process.

Training Prerequisites


AI Transformation Initiative Prep Outline

AI Transformation Overview

  • Fundamental concepts of AI
  • Rationale for AI

Vision for AI Technology

  • Key AI technologies 
  • Tactics for leveraging AI technologies

Vision for the Customer

  • A planned approach to improving the customer experience
  • Getting ideas from a customer journey map
  • Simulating scenarios and solutions using digital twins
  • Leveraging data science

Vision for Organizations and Individuals

  • Attributes of an AI mindset
  • Leadership mindset changes
  • Individual mindset changes

Ongoing Transformation

  • Aspects of ongoing AI transformation
  • AI disruptors
  • Agentic workflows
  • Potential pitfalls that could undermine AI transformation
  • Continual improvement

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AI Transformation Initiative Prep FAQs

You will learn to understand and explain the key elements of an AI transformation initiative, create compelling visions for AI adoption, promote the right mindset for leaders and individuals, keep AI adoption efforts customer-focused, and view AI transformation as an ongoing process.

This course is designed for anyone in a leadership position who wants to guide their organization through the essential journey of AI transformation.

This course will help you guide your organization through the AI transformation process, ensuring you are well-equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed for successful AI adoption and continual improvement.

Yes, this course is included in Learning Tree Plus Advantage Plan subscriptions.

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