Blazor: The When, the Why, and the How

Blazor is Microsoft’s replacement for JavaScript – a replacement that lets you use C# and the .NET infrastructure for both client and server-side development. In addition to being a powerful tool for client-side development, Blazor can be the entry point for shops that have been avoiding creating client-side applications. In this webinar, you’ll find out when it makes sense to use Blazor and get a look at what’s involved in using Blazor in an ASP.NET Core application (along with how Blazor fits into your development process). You’ll also see how Microsoft intends to use Blazor to not just unify your development toolkit but revolutionize it.

Earn 1 CEU. Credits are self-reported to the industry certifying bodies. Check their respective websites for details/qualifications.

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Presented by Peter Vogel

Peter began working in information technology in 1984 and, by 1994, was the head of the IT department for a multinational heavy equipment manufacturer. He became an independent consultant in 1997, supplying both management insight and technical support to companies. As an industry expert, he has presented at conferences in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and Europe, frequently as a keynote speaker. Peter has a parallel career as a technical writer, writing for MSDN Magazine, Information Week, Contract Professional, and other industry journals. He’s published five books. In addition to teaching development, management, and communication courses for Learning Tree International, Peter has written eight courses for them (Learning Tree is currently running Peter’s ‘Introduction to Technical Writing,’ ‘Migrating to ASP.NET Core,’ and ‘Introduction to UX Design’ courses). Peter is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a certified Xamarin developer and instructor.

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