Transformational Initiatives Delivered.
Employee Engagement Improved.

Developing the Confidence to Contribute

The average organization invests between 3% - 10% of their revenue on technology projects and major transformational initiatives. These investments are often Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, and according to a BCG study, 76% of those initiatives fail to improve business performance – short-term or long-term (1).

These transformational initiatives can accelerate employee disengagement given the fears and insecurities of change. When employees aren’t effectively onboarded, nor provided the opportunities to modernize their technical and interpersonal skills, confidence wanes and high-potential employees flee.

of technology projects and major transformation initiatives fail to improve business performance – short-term or long-term.
- The Boston Consulting Group (1)

Addressing This Moment of Learning Need

According to analysis reported from Bersin by Deloitte, the modern professional is ‘overwhelmed, distracted and impatient’ (2). Organizations must develop focused learning opportunities that are immediately applicable, relevant to performance expectations and inspire employee engagement.

Training must be more closely aligned with employees’ unique Moment of Learning Need, as well as the organization’s need to deliver value.

The modern professional is ‘overwhelmed, distracted and impatient’
- Bersin by Deloitte (2)

Improving Employee Engagement

When new skills can be applied immediately, and repeatedly in application – otherwise known as spaced repetition – retention of those newly acquired skills increases substantially, up to 300% according to a commonly sourced report on the ‘Forgetting Curve’ (3).

Learning Tree’s Product Development and Business Solution teams have created curricula portfolios aligned with today’s most popular business initiatives to help accelerate and sustain the skills necessary to deliver organizational value and performance, while improving employee engagement.

increase on retention of newly acquired skills when applied immediately and repeatedly in application.
– Hermann Ebbinghaus





Curricula Portfolios Aligned with Today's Business Initiatives

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

Unify multidisciplinary teams with a principled definition of service and success

Cyber Security


Develop the capabilities necessary to effectively protect your data and reputation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Master the art of Business Intelligence, Data Science and Change Management

Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills for Improved Employee Engagement

Effectively engage with internal and external stakeholders to advance your career

IT Modernization

IT Modernization

Mitigate complexity and uncertainty with tailored business and technical skills


ITSM & Digital Transformation

The Future is Built on ITIL

Project/Program Management

Project/Program Management

Deliver technology-forward, customer-centric value

Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

Software Development

Develop a diverse portfolio of skills to deliver value and advance business objectives

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