Training Needs Assessment
& Skill Mapping

A big picture view of your organizational needs and the guide to filling skills gaps.

Many organizations simply guess the training needs of employees. However, the successful ones understand the importance of making a thorough assessment to prepare its workforce for upcoming projects and challenges. Whether it's keeping pace with industry standards or the latest technological advances, Learning Tree provides you with a training partner that captures existing capabilities and assesses your employees' skills, aptitude and knowledge at all levels.

Your Path to Success

Learning Tree provides you with easy to use web-based tools, services and organizational level reporting to build an optimized workforce that achieves your organization's short and long-term goals. We can carry out assessments on an individual or team level to identify a comprehensive range of operational challenges, skills gaps and certification requirements.

  • Determine desired outcomes  
  • Establish required skills & knowledge 
  • Choose TNA and learning formats
  • Identify problems or specific areas of interest
  • Set training goals and time frames
  • Baseline Assessment – test against required skills to ensure training paths start at the right level
  • Pre and Post Learning Measurements – evaluate knowledge and skill development
  • Test Out Grading – receive maximum ROI on training budget spend
  • Multi-Part Assessments – track employee progress through training programs

Trusted By the World’s Leading Accreditation Partners


Learning Tree International is a SFIA Accredited Partner in the following activities:

  • Staff assessments
  • Skills gap analysis
  • SFIA implementation
  • Accredited SFIA training
  • Mapping roles descriptions to SFIA
  •  Assessing maturity of skills measurement and management

SFIA is a ‘fit for purpose' resource designed by leading IT industry bodies and updated by IT professionals with real world experience. SFIA focuses on professional IT skills through an internationally standardized common language and framework that makes them easy to understand and operate by technical and non-technical management, human resources and learning development personnel.

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