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Acceleration Workshops

Acceleration Workshops

The Project/Program Acceleration Workshop is a unique training initiative that has been custom designed for the program leaders, project managers and business analyst overseeing and involved in mission critical investments. The workshop design complements a growing trend that organizations must implement consistent management practices across their enterprise to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Learning Tree's Project/Program Acceleration Workshops are:

  • Built to isolate and address management impediments that are negatively impacting the cost, schedule, performance or customer satisfaction
  • Designed to analyze gaps within the management practices, formal documentation and reporting mechanisms
  • Focused on the areas, but not limited to, Program Goals and Objectives, Charters, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Program Requirements, Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), Acquisition Package, Risk Plan, Stakeholder Management Plan and other critical management disciplines


This workshop provides project/program managers and business analyst with the critical building blocks that are essential to properly initiate their investment. The team develops the right Goal Statement for the initiative, the high level business requirements, the high level scope (what’s in and what’s out), a high level milestone schedule, a high level budget, and the strategic risks. All is then documented in a Program/project charter.

This workshop provides program/project teams and business analyst the necessary building blocks to develop “well-formed” requirements. Program/project information (requirements sources) are analyzed using different techniques, and are classified and prioritized. Teams then write the requirements, which are evaluated for correctness, completeness, consistency, clarity, testability, and traceability.

This workshop provides the program/project team the necessary blocks to effectively manage the scope. The team develop the program/project WBS, along with a WBS dictionary for the initiative.

This workshop is about developing the program/project schedule. The team starts with the WBS, they develops the necessary activities for each of the WBS elements, they then sequence them and generate a network diagram. They then estimate resources and durations for each activity, and lay that into a project calendar to develop the schedule.

This workshop provides the program/project team the essential knowledge to develop the required acquisition artifacts for a unique program/project. The team uses the WBS and WBS dictionary to allocate the portion of the work to be acquired from a third party. They then describe that in enough details so that potential providers can propose solutions to the program/project needs. Artifacts to work on include the Statement Of Work (SOW), and a quality assurance plan.

This workshop provides the program/project team with the critical practices that are essential for the proper oversight and execution of the investment. Teams develop appropriate metrics that provide a clear indication of program/project performance. Artifacts include Program/project control dashboards, action plans, Management communication plans and change control.

This workshop provides program/project teams the critical analytical skills and techniques essential to the execution and reporting of the investment. Project artifacts are presented by the team, and analyzed for improvements and enhancements. Impediments are found and a clear way to remove them is discussed so that the investment reaches its objectives.

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