Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 2

Course 2302

  • Duration: Multi-Week
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate
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In Part 2 of Enterprise COBOL Programming online training course, you will continue to learn the basics of Enterprise COBOL application development. The course focuses on various types of sequential I/O, and report writing as well as intrinsic functions and table processing.

In Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 1 you learned the basics of Enterprise COBOL application development as well as coding the four divisions, basic logic, data definition, and sequential I/O processing.

You will need basic experience with z/OS JCL for JES2 or JES3, and TSO/ISPF and have completed Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 1.

Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 2 Course Benefits

  • Code and run COBOL programs that process raw data or stored data
  • Make appropriate use of copybooks
  • Create new data sets using Transaction Master Logic
  • Create complex reports such as multi-level control break reports
  • Code tables, indices, subscripts, intrinsic functions, and appropriate compile options
  • Search tables using SEARCH, SEARCH ALL and PERFORM

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