Planning and Setting Up Your First Hadoop Cluster

Level: Intermediate

The emergence of large data sets presents new opportunities and challenges to organizations of all sizes. This Hadoop Cluster course provides hands-on experience planning, installing and configuring a Hadoop cluster. It also covers the establishment of rack awareness for a more robust Hadoop Distributed File System.

Bring this course to your location and train your entire team to plan and setup your first Hadoop cluster.

Key Features of this Hadoop Cluster Setup Training:

  • Bring this course to your location and train your entire team

You Will Learn How To:

  • Architect a Hadoop solution to satisfy business requirements and needs
  • Plan the hardware and software needed for your solution
  • Build a Hadoop cluster capable of processing very large datasets
  • Manipulate the Hadoop Distributed File System for the Command Line
  • Execute MapReduce programs on your cluster

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Team Training

Important Hadoop Cluster Setup Course Information

This Hadoop Cluster course provides hands-on experience planning, installing, and configuring a Hadoop cluster. Train your entire team at your location!

Hadoop Cluster Setup Course Outline

  • Running Hadoop in local mode
  • Reading and writing to HDFS
  • Installing Hadoop to a cluster
  • Executing a MapReduce Job
  • Configuring HDFS Rack Awareness

Hadoop Cluster Setup Training FAQs

  • What is a Hadoop cluster?

    A way to organize unstructured data by storing and analyzing the data into a robust Hadoop Distributed File System.

  • How do I bring this Hadoop Cluster Setup course to my location?

    Enhance your team's effectiveness and boost productivity with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organization, live online, or to any preferred location!

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