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SAP HANA Modeling (HA300)



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This course is built to be suitable for release HANA 1.0 SPS12 and also HANA 2.0 SPS01 audiences. This course teaches the core capabilities of SAP HANA for modeling, and covers mainly Graphical modeling, which is illustrated by the SAP HANA Live virtual data model, as well as SQL-based modeling, mainly table functions and procedures, with a focus on performance. It also introduces Core Data Services as a flexible method to model a persistence layer. The participants will gain knowledge about the management of modeling content in the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA, and the key principles of object and data access security in a modeling context. We also provide an overview of advanced data processing in the areas of text, spatial, predictive and graph modeling.

You Will Learn How To

  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Develop information models following SAP best practices for maximum performance and flexibility
    • Get started with SQL and SQLScript based modeling
    • Manage projects and modeling content in the Web IDE
    • Implement security and data access controls around SAP HANA data models
    • Get started with advanced data processing such as text, spatial, predictive and graph

Important Course Information


  • SAP HANA Introduction (HA100)

Course Outline

  • Information Views
  • Connect Tables
  • Create Dimension and Cube Calculation Views
  • Modeling Functions
  • Create Hierarchies
  • Create Calculated and Restricted Columns
  • Filter Data
  • Use Variables and Input Parameters
  • Implement Currency Conversion
  • SAP HANA Studio Modeling
  • Virtual Data Models in SAP HANA
  • Use SAP HANA Live
  • Overview of Virtual Data Models built with Core Data Services (CDS)
  • SQL Script and Procedures
  • Introduce SQL and SQLScript
  • Create a Persistence Layer Using CDS
  • Create Table Functions and Procedures
  • Management and administration of Models
  • Work with Modeling Content
  • Create and Manage Projects
  • Overview of classical models migration to Web IDE
  • Security in SAP HANA Modeling
  • Understand the Key Concepts of SAP HANA Security
  • Define Data Access Security
  • Define Roles
  • Optimization of Models
  • Apply Best Practices to Model Design
  • Introduction to Performance and Analysis Tools
  • Overview of Text, Spatial, Predictive and Graph Modeling
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