SharePoint 2016 Technologies Introduction

Level: Foundation
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In this Introduction to SharePoint 2016 training course, you gain a comprehensive overview of the on-premise and online platform. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 provides a business collaboration platform that streamlines document management, simplifies access to information, and provides the ability to deploy solutions quickly and securely. Learn to create, manage, and customize these SharePoint 2016 features to the requirements of your organization.

SharePoint 2016 Technologies Introduction

Key Features of this SharePoint 2016 Training:

  • Leverage collaboration features in SharePoint 2016 to increase productivity
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • After-course computing sandbox included
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Apply best practice techniques to organize enterprise content and documents with list and library apps
  • Create and manage SharePoint sites for departments, projects, and content management
  • Learn to properly and efficiently manage site security
  • Add and edit SharePoint pages and leverage the power of web parts
  • Automate business processes with workflows
  • Integrate Microsoft Office with your SharePoint sites


CPE 23 Credits

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In Class & Live, Online Training

  • 4-day instructor-led training course
  • Earn 23 NASBA CPEs
  • One-on-one after course instructor coaching
  • After-course computing sandbox access
  • End-of-course exam included
  • Pay later by invoice -OR- at the time of checkout by credit card
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SharePoint 2016 Introduction Instructor-Led Course Information

  • SharePoint 2016 Course Overview

    This Sharepoint training course includes 23 hours of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) presented by a real-world SharePoint expert instructor.

  • Requirements

    Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Office, and the web.

  • Software

    Concepts covered in this course are applicable to SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online, Office365

  • Industry Credits & Certification

    This course offers you the opportunity to earn the following industry credits and certifications:

  • After-Course Computing Sandbox

    You'll be given remote access to a preconfigured virtual machine for you to redo your hands-on exercises, develop/test new code, and experiment with the same software used in your course. Note: The Sandbox is not available for the On-Demand option.

SharePoint 2016 Introduction Instructor-Led Course Outline

  • Introduction to SharePoint

    • Building applications with the browser
    • Exploiting SharePoint in your organization
    • Managing, organizing, and presenting information
    • Exploring roles in SharePoint
    • SharePoint 2016 New Features
  • Creating SharePoint Websites

    Site architecture and effective navigation design

    • Designing an information architecture strategy
    • Matching the correct template for your website
    • Organizing site collections
    • Building logical navigation
    • Sharing insights with the blog site
    • Leveraging social computing

    Site configuration and settings

    • Working with site templates
    • Applying style and branding to your site
    • Administering site settings
    • Customizing SharePoint sites
  • Managing SharePoint Security

    Managing and controlling access

    • Simplifying security management with SharePoint groups
    • Defining and managing permission levels
    • Handling permission requests
    • Selecting third party authentication providers
    • Managing SharePoint online and on premise permissions
  • Streamlining security with inheritance

    • Creating and customizing SharePoint groups
    • Working with permission inheritance
    • Breaking and re-establishing inheritance
  • Customizing SharePoint Pages

    Distinguishing between wiki pages and web part pages

    • Comparing templates: collaboration vs. publishing
    • Creating and editing site pages with metadata
    • Formatting wiki pages
    • Publishing page layouts
    • Tailoring pages for different users
    • Building page functionality into your site with SharePoint apps

    Aggregating content

    • Rolling up content across your sites using the Content Query Web Part
    • Rolling up information across your enterprise with the Content Search Web Part
    • Examining third-party web parts
  • Managing Enterprise Content

    Defining content types

    • Centralizing metadata with site columns
    • Defining information records
    • Standardizing content with templates

    Creating organization-wide metadata

    • Defining taxonomy
    • Centralizing metadata for reuse across sites and the enterprise
    • Establishing external content types

    Establishing an enterprise taxonomy with Managed Metadata

    • Setting up Managed Metadata Service
    • Creating term sets with the Term Store
    • Adding Managed Metadata columns to list and library apps
  • Managing Content with Apps

    Controlling information with the list app

    • Creating lists and list templates
    • Adding, deleting, and changing content
    • Categorizing and identifying information with metadata
    • Filtering and targeting information with views

    Administering office documents with libraries

    • Tracking and managing versions
    • Restricting editing access with check out
    • Selecting the appropriate library template for your document
    • Approval processing
  • Implementing Enterprise Features

    Managing documents

    • Defining Document Libraries
    • Migrating content to Document Libraries
    • Leveraging Metadata in Document Libraries

    Organizing content

    • Implement metadata for best-practice content management
    • Standardizing content types in a list and library apps
    • Establishing external content types
  • Managing Business Process Workflows

    Leveraging out-of-the-box workflows

    • Approval
    • Collect feedback
    • Collect signatures

    Creating custom workflows with SharePoint Designer

    • Defining conditions, actions and stages
    • Capturing workflow data with custom forms

    Integrating Office with SharePoint

    • Tagging documents with metadata using the Document Information Panel
    • Utilizing Outlook with task lists and calendars
    • Simultaneous editing with Word and PowerPoint
    • Excel integration and Excel Web Access web parts

Team Training

SharePoint 2016 Training FAQs

  • Is this course a Microsoft Official Course (MOC) training course?

    No, this course was developed by Learning Tree’s expert SharePoint instructor corps and is not an MOC course. Where MOC courses focus on helping you pass a related Microsoft exam, this course focuses on help you build real-world skills and knowledge that can immediately be applied back at your job.

  • Can I pay with Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)?

    No. Microsoft training vouchers are only eligible to be used MOC training courses. Visit for a list of courses that are eligible for SATV application.

  • Does this course align to a Microsoft certification exam?

    This course does not align to any Microsoft exams, but you will have the opportunity to take the Learning Tree end-of-course exam to benchmark your newly acquired SharePoint knowledge. After you pass the exam, you will be awarded a certificate indicating that you passed the exam.

SharePoint 2016 Training Reviews

Michael B. - Document Control Specialist, Capitol Control Specialist

“The instructor was great, very clear and concise with instruction.”

Luciana B. - Project Legal Analyst, Fannie Mae

“This course was extremely helpful to get the basic understanding of SharePoint and has provided me ideas that I can take back to my employer.”

Darren C. - IT Specialist, Federal Trade Commission

“Great instructor, great material, great snacks, great staff!! The ladies at the front desk were so nice!”

Melissa B. - Administrative Assistant, NIST

“The course was extremely helpful and Pete did an awesome job explaining the matter.”

David R. - Program Manager, General Dynamics IT

“Very good instructor excellent knowledge. Conducted training well and reinforced with labs.”

Anastasia K. - U.S. Coast Guard

“The instructor was great and worked well with communication difficulties we ran into during the class.”

Emily L. - Administrative Office Assistant, NIST

“Our instructor was very kind and knowledgeable.”

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