GUIs for Python: A Brief Overview

This on-demand webinar is designed to introduce newly trained Python coders to the possibility of adding graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to their existing code. During the session, we discuss the process briefly, and then examine three pre-existing Python and GUI projects in their respective development environments. After inspecting the code, we review and explain the steps necessary to adding a GUI to each of the existing console applications.

You Will Learn:

  • Get started developing graphical forms and dialogs in QT Designer and PyQt5
  • Port the saved project to Python code
  • Integrate existing Python console projects into the new code using the PyCharm IDE
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Presented by Mike Covington

Mike as an Information Technology Courseware Author, Technical Editor, Classroom Instructor, and Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) Consultant/Developer. He has taught 600+ classes for this organization in the US and EU in both English and German, and has authored ten instructor-led courses that have been attended by more than 20,000 IT professionals since 1998. He also authored numerous Computer-Based Training courses sold in the 1990’s.

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