Agile Adoption/Transformation: What kind of investment do you need to succeed?

Duration: 1 Hour

This webinar is for anyone considering adopting Agile development methods in their organisation. Agile transformation is non-trivial, requires investment in Agile teams, and like any business decision should be driven by clear, specific, and measurable objectives.

This webinar will answer these questions:

  • Are you unsure about what kind of Agile fluency your teams need?
  • Do you find they tend to revert to previous practices when under pressure?
  • Is existing organisational culture getting in the way of your transformation?

Our highly experienced Agile facilitator will explain how teams and organisations can be assessed against business goals to understand exactly what kind of help they need to achieve those objectives in terms of training, coaching or external consultancy. 

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Presented by Alan O'Callaghan

Certified Scrum Trainer, Member of the Scrum Patterns Group and of the Agile Fluency Project, Learning Tree Agile Instructor
Alan is an experienced Lean-Agile transformation consultant, a Certified Scrum Trainer (one of less than 250 worldwide) and Agile coach who has worked with large corporations and start-ups alike, helping them to gain fluency in Agile product development.

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