State & Local Government, Higher Education (SLED)


State & Local Government, Higher Education (SLED)

Learning Tree has strong past performance within the State, Local Government and Education portfolio. We provide customized workforce development services to SLED customers in over 45 States, serving the largest of IT organizations, as well as smaller, but dynamic, teams.

Explore our business cases to see how we partner with some of our largest customers in this market to improve the performance of their IT workforce.

State of Tennessee IT Academy

State of Tennessee IT Academy

The State of Tennessee partnered with Learning Tree to build its IT Academy, which operates as a state-run professional development hub and services more than 1,500 state IT employees.

At its midway point, this workforce development program has seen significant increases in employee skills in mission-critical areas such as software development, project management and information security.

Large State's Information Security Academy

Learning Tree created a customized Security Academy to provide instructor-led training for 14 industry-standard cyber security certification prep courses. Most of the courses are delivered through Learning Tree’s AnyWare® virtual platform for online attendance in live public classes. This state fully funds all course and exams fees for the state security staff attending these courses.

New York City

Diverse, Dynamic Local Governments like New York City

Learning Tree supports over 40 city agencies through a combination of professional development services from our learning ecosystem. One of the most most popular services New York City utilizes with us to allow them to invest L&D funds and utilize as needs arise:

  • FlexVouchers – over 30 city agencies utilize Learning Tree FlexVouchers to support the professional development needs of their employees. Their customized FlexVoucher program allows each agency to allocate training funds and apply as unique needs arise throughout the fiscal year, beyond just standard classroom training. This program provides an agency with flexibility to meet the demands of a constantly evolving IT community.

Penn State University

Supporting a Large University System

The Penn State IT team, with the help of Learning Tree International, supports their 100,000 students and 17,000 faculty and staff, all of whom require IT support, with a combination of professional development services from our learning ecosystem. Some of the most popular services delivered include:

  • FlexVouchers
  • Private Team Training
  • Conferences




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