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Learning Tree+ Advantage Plan

Learning Tree+ Advantage Plan

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Supporting SLED Initiatives

Learning Tree provides several programs to help you reach new heights in your career or keep up to date with state and local government training requirements.

Today's organizations either sink or swim by their ability to quickly recognize digital transformation and technology trends, then deliver value to the customer. Developing an Agile culture with information transparency, rapid iteration, role mobility, and continuous learning to improve business processes has become the foundation to success.

Benefits of Agile and Scrum Training:

  • Thrive in a competitive marketplace and outpace disruptors by embracing change
  • Improve time-to-market by up to 50% with 25% higher productivity
  • Optimize product delivery and deliver better solutions on time and within budget

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In recent years, Cybersecurity has become a major concern for state and local government agencies. We have seen a significant increase in the variety and frequency of cyber threats and attacks across these organizations.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Training:

  • Increased scrutiny on the cybersecurity measures of third-party (supply chain) providers
  • Mitigate data breaches of which the average cost can be as high as $4.2 million
  • Better understanding of the threat landscape that your organization is up against

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Our Professional Advancement Certificate Programs provide individuals and organizations with a strategic roadmap to success. We offer curated curriculums that ensure learners are exposed to the most relevant and up-to-date content.

Each certificate program is designed to increase performance, productivity, and impact. The training is delivered by subject matter experts who are passionate about their field and eager to share their expertise and knowledge.

Benefits include:

  • Provides learners with the fastest and smartest roadmap to success
  • Provides training in high-demand areas, but skill mapping for new job roles, leadership positions, and compliance certifications
  • Learners also become part of a community of peers and like-minded individuals who participate in action-based learning

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ITIL is the world’s most globally recognized leader in IT Service Management (ITSM) certification and is used by millions of IT professionals including government around the world. For 30 years it’s been instrumental in transforming the way IT professionals and organizations deliver empowering, impactful tech-led services.

The benefits of ITIL include:

  • Improve the efficiency and quality of IT service delivery 
  • Gain greater visibility of IT costs and assets
  • Reduce the cost of IT recruitment and training with targeted investments in the professional development of your ITSM workforce
  • Provides a flexible foundation for managing IT risk and optimizing customer experiences 
  • Easy integration with established methodologies (Lean, Agile, DevOps, etc) 
  • Long-standing and industry-trusted methodology for powering ITSM and digital transformation efforts

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Learning Tree offers a range of Artificial Intelligence training courses designed to empower professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to harness the power of machine learning including:

  • Practical, hands-on, and instructor-led training in areas such as Chat GPT, Generative AI and machine learning for technical or professional use
  • Artificial Intelligence On Demand courseware coming soon
  • Flexible curriculum that allows you to customize your solutions for specific industries, roles, projects and organizational goals
  • Individual and group-based coaching to help your organization become proficient in AI, enabling users at all levels to effectively use AI technologies and drive successful AI initiatives

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