Learning Tree Launches Exclusive SecDevOps Certification with DevOps Institute

HERNDON, Va., May 19, 2021— As part of an exclusive partnership agreement, Learning Tree has developed the world’s first SecDevOps certification course in collaboration with the DevOps Institute, and has been fully accredited as part of their certification program. The course was developed jointly between Learning Tree and DevOps Institute, in concert with government standards, and supports the recent Presidential Executive Order1 emphasizing the need for new and innovative approaches to secure software developmentLearning Tree is the first and only training partner to offer an accredited SecDevOps course. 

For more information about this certification including the course schedule, visit LearningTree.com/3695 

Financial repercussions of cybercrime are expected to reach $6 trillion by the end of 20212 and are likely to accelerate if the way software is developed isn’t modernized with security-first protocols.  SecDevOps is an evolutionary methodology that combines security and software development with operations, seeking to ensure cyber security is not merely dealt with as an afterthought, but rather integrated throughout the entire lifecycle of an Agile/DevOps software development project. When implemented successfully, SecDevOps allows teams to build, test, and release secure software more efficiently and reliably, while realizing more benefit faster through continuous improvement efforts. 

Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, said, “DevOps Institute is pleased to collaborate with Learning Tree to bring the first accredited SecDevOps certification course to market in support of government and enterprise workforce development needs for SecDevOps.” 

"As I worked with participants in last week's SecDevOps course, I was able to address concerns about integrating continuous delivery practices of Agile and DevOps,” said Marc Hornbeek, Learning Tree SecDevOps Instructor and DevOps Institute Ambassador. "Standing up security-first cultures and practices helps effectively manage risk, which is not only essential but now mandated." 

"Last week's Presidential Executive Order on cyber security makes it clear this is an escalating problem and current defenses need improvement as they continue to leave public and private sector entities more vulnerable to cyber attacks," said David Brown, CEO of Learning Tree. "Our SecDevOps certification program is a powerful methodology to modernize software development and implement stronger cyber security protocols globally." 

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[1] Executive Order - May 12, 2021

[2] Tech News World

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