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Generating great ideas is something we all can do to improve our organization processes and service to our customers. We will watch together “Practical Creativity for Everyone”, a video from London-based creativity and innovation expert Dave Birss as he shares a practical approach to enhancing creative ability. Dave begins by dispelling common myths about creativity, including the idea that some people are naturally creative while others aren't. He goes on to offer tools for coming up with more and better ideas, developing those ideas, and increasing the chance of selling them. Dave also shares a process for getting ideas over the finish line with stakeholders.

You Will Learn the following:

    • Creative ability is within all of us
    • Creativity is a portfolio of skills
    • Debunking myths about creativity
    • The RIGHT thinking creative process
    • A process for generating better ideas
    • Finding valuable research and insights
    • Alternatives to brainstorming
    • Turning raw ideas into valuable ones
    • The role of neuroscience in judgment
    • The wide range of creative skills
    • Make creativity part of who you are
    • Presenting ideas effectively
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Marla Adams

Marla Adams serves as IT Training Manager, Sr in STS, managing the IT Academy Training program. In this role, Marla oversees the management and organization of all aspects of the IT Academy Training program. Marla has 20+ years of experience in Project, Program, and Operations Management, with 17+ years in Learning & Development and Process Improvement. She traveled across the country, meeting and assisting teams to generate and implement great process improvement ideas in her role as Process Improvement, Senior Manager at Asurion Insurance Services, Inc. She looks forward to discussing how to generate great ideas.

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