Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity (SCI) Assessment Tool

Evaluate Your Current Skills and Advance Your Career For Free

Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity (SCI) Assessment Tool

An effective resource for determining where you are along the certification process and ensuring that you meet industry-specific requirements


undefinedGet an assessment on your current knowledge of security, compliance and identity concepts and cloud-based Microsoft solutions.

undefinedAvoid spending time and money on research, unnecessary skills training or obtaining irrelevant fundamental certifications.

Introducing the Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity (SCI) Assessment Tool

This FREE online assessment tool was designed to empower you along the skills training journey, while providing a decisive certification path for your dream job or career.

Developed exclusively for Learning Tree account holders, our easy-to-use module measures your knowledge and ensures that you keep up with today's technical roles and security requirements. This time-saving tool will give you the confidence to start or move from the fundamentals to intermediate role-based certification training.

It’s FREE, quick and easy to use.

Simply log in to your My Learning Tree account. You will then be prompted to a (20) question assessment. Upon completion, your results and certification recommendations will be emailed to you.

Learning Tree also offers a skills evaluation library that covers knowledge and role-based assessments covering over 350 job-related topics. Our online assessment tool can be tailored to your organizational needs and provides numerous reports that meet your managerial and employment requirements.

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