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Owning nearly half the world's public cloud infrastructure market, AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform used by millions. While many organizations recognize the AWS services as scalable and ideal for businesses of all sizes, AWS certification offers a unique opportunity for individuals to strengthen skills, improve employability, and increase earning potential. In fact, many companies often place emphasis on certifications, which has led to AWS cloud certifications becoming one of the highest-paid certification categories in the US with an average salary of nearly $130,000.

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Why Learn AWS with Learning Tree?

Learning Tree has served more than 3 million professionals and organizations globally and offers the latest in certification training and technical skills development. In the age of digital transformation, we understand the importance of building a skilled and knowledgeable team to work with your cloud service provider.


of organizations and workers face barriers to accessing the digital skills needed to remain competitive.


workers are not confident that they are gaining digital skills fast enough to meet future career needs


of employers and workers have limited awareness of the available training options

Workers Who Experienced Improved Employability After Doing Training


Tech Workers


Non-Tech Workers

We believe in providing learners with real-world experience, so they can develop the skills necessary to make an impact on performance. Following this belief, our instructors leverage years of cloud-based service expertise and consultant work to deliver official AWS content to help you deal with complex cloud-based issues. Whether you are a new practitioner or seasoned professional, we provide you with a comprehensive learning experience that translates from the classroom to the workplace.

Learning Tree AWS Certification Course Features

  • Official AWS Course Content

  • Hands-On Labs & Knowledge Checks

  • Coaching Support

  • Best In-Class and Virtual Delivery

  • Guaranteed-to-Run Scheduling 

  • Led by Authorized AWS Instructors

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Introducing AWS Discovery Days

AWS Discovery Days are free virtual training events designed to educate IT technical professionals and business leaders about cloud computing concepts, foundational infrastructure services, and the benefits of using the world's most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform.

Whether you are migrating your business to the cloud, developing a cloud strategy, or simply looking to develop AWS cloud computing skills to prepare for the future, Learning Tree can help you get started - for FREE.

Each course features official AWS content and is led by one of our AWS Accredited Instructors.

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AWS Discovery Days

Upcoming Events:

AWS Discovery Day for Practitioners |  Jun 6 |  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM EDT |  Ralph Parisi: Authorized AWS Instructor (AAI) | Register Now

AWS Discovery Day for Leadership |  Jun 23 |  1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT |  Wafi Dahman: Authorized AWS Instructor (AAI) |  Register Now

Find The Right AWS Certification Path For You

At Learning Tree, we have official AWS course content designed to prepare you for the Foundational, Associate, Professional and even Specialty level certification exams. Whether you are just starting as a cloud practitioner or looking to validate your skills as an experienced Developer or Cloud Solutions Architect, we offer curated certification paths to help you decide which course to take next and advance your career.

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Top AWS Certification Paths

AWS Cloud
6 Days
Machine Learning Specialty
AWS Cloud
1 Day
Database Specialty
AWS Cloud-Based
3 Days

Top 3 Learning Tree AWS Courses

Migrating to AWS Training
Intermediate 3 days
Cloud Operations on AWS
Intermediate 3 days
Architecting on AWS
Intermediate 3 days

Did you know AWS requires recertification every 2 years?

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