Virtual Learning Innovation with Adaptive and Collaboration Tools

Modern Solutions for Remote Work and Virtual Training — Live Webinar, April 2

HERNDON, Va., March 24, 2020 — Learning Tree International is co-sponsoring a 1-hour session with partners Area9 and Howspace on Thursday, April 2, to discuss modern strategies and tools for staying connected and collaborative when teams are more virtual than ever before.

Staying connected while maintaining social distance presents many new challenges at work. Join this conversation with three Learning Content Experts as they discuss how the latest virtual collaboration and learning tools can keep individuals and teams engaged while working remotely.

In this live webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How virtual training can improve learning retention and save time (when done right) at your organization – and not be a hindrance to productivity!
  • Why adaptive learning can increase mastery of content by 50%
  • Use of Virtual Collaboration Space with guidance from a Subject Matter Expert and opportunity for continued Peer-to-Peer learning
  • How not all virtual learning solutions are created equal, including how instructors are trained to deliver in a virtual or hybrid environment

"To help organizations address these common concerns, we’re glad to partner with Area9 and Howspace to discuss how we can leverage technology to improve remote work and team collaboration," said Brian Simms, Director of Digital Content and Learning Services, Learning Tree. "We've done some very interesting things in the ITSM space with our ITIL 4 Foundation Adaptive Virtual Academy that I believe will has new meaning in light of the current global pandemic."


Modern Solutions for Remote Work and Virtual Training
Live Webinar: Thursday, April 2, 2020

On-Demand Version Coming Soon.


"We are happy to have worked with Learning Tree to build this one-of-a-kind virtual learning experience and advance our mission of creating of the world’s best educational and training outcomes validated by a long-term scientific approach," says Richard Keaveny, CPO at Area9.

"Successful companies today believe continuous dialogue and participation are critical parts of professional development and teambuilding. Much of the world is now faced with achieving that while completely virtual," says Tapio Kymäläinen, President at Howspace (North America). "Howspace can bridge the gap between formal training events – where the most useful learning often takes place.”



Learning Tree Partners with Area9 and Howspace for Learning InnovationThe ITIL 4 Foundation Adaptive Virtual Academy

Learning Tree’s new ITIL 4 Foundation Adaptive Virtual Academy features virtual touch points, a social learning, study resources, and on-demand learning using the world's most advanced adaptive learning platform, which personalizes the learning experience to the learner’s existing knowledge and confidence levels. 

Key Benefits:

  • World’s First & Only Fully-Accredited Adaptive ITIL Course
  • Learn 50% Faster
  • 100% Guarantee to Pass the Foundation Exam

Explore & enroll in the ITIL 4 Foundation Adaptive Virtual Academy:

Take Adaptive Learning for a Test Drive:














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About Area9
Area9 Lyceum builds 21st century skills and competencies through the world’s first four-dimensional learning platform, Area9 Rhapsode™. Based on more than 20 years of research into human factors and cognition, our AI-based platform delivers truly personalized learning at scale – cutting training time in half, guaranteeing proficiency, and making lasting impacts on careers and business outcomes.


About Howspace
Howspace is a dialogue-driven learning and development platform powered by AI. By bringing facilitation methods to a digital environment, it delivers increased involvement, engagement and sustained impact in both learning programs and organizational development initiatives. Howspace is built on over 20 years of management consulting and organizational learning expertise. Howspace is already trusted to drive engagement and change in 180+ organizations across 10+ countries. To learn more, visit www.howspace.com


About Learning Tree International
Learning Tree International is a trusted, global partner delivering mission-critical IT training and certifications, as well as the communication and critical thinking skills necessary to effectively deploy and deliver major IT initiatives. With over 2.5 million IT & business professionals around the world enhancing their skills through Learning Tree's extensive library of proprietary and partner content, the Learning Tree ecosystem reflects how learning is done today and provides greater impact than eLearning or classroom learning alone. Transformational business solutions have evolved from working collaboratively with clients to address large-scale process improvement initiatives.

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