Contest Winners

Recommend Your Colleague — April 2017 Winners


Adam Foltyn, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IL
Shaun Dankert, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IL
David White, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IL
Lauren Adams, Saint Joseph's University
Matthew Taylow, Saint Joseph's University
Olivia MacKenzie, Saint Joseph's University


Twitter Contest — April 2017 Winners


Charlena Brooks, DOJ
Timothy Taylor,
Navy Federal Credit Union
Maurice Corbett, George Washington University
Brandy Lanham-Fennell, NACD


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March 2017
Darren Smith, Fulton County Government
Chiquita Barnswell, Fulton County Government
Nichelle Miller, Fulton County Government
Janet Pien, Liquidnet
Ashish Gohil, Liquidnet
Bret Kalva, Liquidnet


February 2017
Munira Majumudar, Liggett Vector Brands, Inc.
Heather Gaynor, Liggett Vector Brands, Inc.
Prabha Poulose, Liggett Vector Brands, Inc.
Abraham Santiago, Tetra Pak
Alexerie Cruz, Tetra Pak
Juan Pablo Tarazona, Tetra Pak


January 2017
Bhawna Verma,
Navy Federal Credit Union
Julia Carlson, Navy Federal Credit Union
Bhavna Verma, Navy Federal Credit Union
Gary Payne, USUHS
Royce Goddard, USUHS
Kimberly Malone, USUHS
Chris Weiman, Bates White LLC
Ibrahim Cisse, Bates White LLC
Mike Oh, Bates White LLC
Abdul Kohistany, Bates White LLC
Amir Khan, National Park Service
Sudani Scott, Bureau of Land Management
Shelley McClean, National Park Service
Sara Fredericks, National Park Service


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March 2017
Kanan Patel, IEEE


February 2017
John Early, Eastern AHEC/ECU
Nicole Aiken Jimmerson, IBB


January 2017
Kathryn Ortega,
U.S. Marine Corps

Twitter Contest winners are selected weekly and Recommend Your Colleague winners are selected monthly from course participants, whether you attend in-class or live, online via AnyWare®. To enter to win as a course attendee, please visit your courses in your "My Learning Tree" account.

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