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Recommend Your Colleague — Recent Winners

Elvie Buban, United Nations
Philippe Lothsavan, United Nations
Serap Tosun, United Nations

Twitter Contest — Recent Winners

Kevin Esterheld, TMA


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May 2018
Elvie Buban,
United Nations
Philippe Lothsavan, United Nations
Serap Tosun, United Nations

April 2018
Robert Lofton,
E-Research Technology
Eddie Padua, E-Research Technology
Donald Terry, E-Research Technology

March 2018
Andrew Park,
Commonwealth Care Alliance
Kanchan Kavimandan, Commonwealth Care Alliance
Patrick Harrison, Commonwealth Care Alliance

February 2018
Charles Yang,
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Jason Ren, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Hung Chi, Memorial Sloan Kettering

January 2018
Daniel Pierce,
SAGE Publishing
Mark Bour, SAGE Publishing
Tara Paul, SAGE Publishing

December 2017
Daniel Parisi,
Federal Air Marshal Service
Darren Taylor, Federal Air Marshal Service
James Waller, Federal Air Marshal Service

November 2017
Christian Torres De Je,
Fannie Mae
Michael Fiorillo, Fannie Mae
Clement Talluri, Fannie Mae

October 2017
Joseph Jackson,
USPS Headquarters
Marvin Jeffcoat, USPS Headquarters
Veda Wilson, USPS Headquarters

September 2017
Matthew Seff,
Wilson Elser
Gomberg Pavel, Wilson Elser
Oscar Rodriguez, Wilson Elser

August 2017
Dilip Sarkhel,
The MITRE Corporation
Naveen Jaluria, The MITRE Corporation
Kathryn Szot, The MITRE Corporation

July 2017
Anirban Chakriborty, Samsung SDSA
Roland Roz, Samsung SDSA
Tibor Kosa, Samsung SDSA

May 2017
Will Driver, UPS
Charles Driver,
Richard Davy,
Home Depot
Janie Iler, Advanced Technology International
Giuseppe Schintu, Advanced Technology International
Phil Heinlein, Advanced Technology International
Paul M. Rainer, Delex Systems
Shavonne Mott, Delex Systems
Anthony Mansfield, Office of Naval Intelligence
Anthony Chua, Los Angeles County MTA
Sangjun Oh, Los Angeles County MTA
Michael Wu, Los Angeles County MTA

April 2017
Adam Foltyn, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IL
Shaun Dankert, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IL
David White, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IL
Lauren Adams, Saint Joseph's University
Matthew Taylow, Saint Joseph's University
Olivia MacKenzie, Saint Joseph's University

March 2017
Darren Smith, Fulton County Government
Chiquita Barnswell, Fulton County Government
Nichelle Miller, Fulton County Government
Janet Pien, Liquidnet
Ashish Gohil, Liquidnet
Bret Kalva, Liquidnet

February 2017
Munira Majumudar, Liggett Vector Brands, Inc.
Heather Gaynor, Liggett Vector Brands, Inc.
Prabha Poulose, Liggett Vector Brands, Inc.
Abraham Santiago, Tetra Pak
Alexerie Cruz, Tetra Pak
Juan Pablo Tarazona, Tetra Pak

January 2017
Bhawna Verma,
Navy Federal Credit Union
Julia Carlson, Navy Federal Credit Union
Bhavna Verma, Navy Federal Credit Union
Gary Payne, USUHS
Royce Goddard, USUHS
Kimberly Malone, USUHS
Chris Weiman, Bates White LLC
Ibrahim Cisse, Bates White LLC
Mike Oh, Bates White LLC
Abdul Kohistany, Bates White LLC
Amir Khan, National Park Service
Sudani Scott, Bureau of Land Management
Shelley McClean, National Park Service
Sara Fredericks, National Park Service


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May 2018
Ali Al-Munayer, CSC
Kevin Esterheld, TMA

April 2018
Clorise Baumez, General Dynamics Mission System
Sarita Gautam, Southern Ontario Library Service

March 2018
Asma Siddiqui, VISA
Jeffrey Mitchell, Faurecia Interior Systems, Inc.
Andy Forscutt, AUB

February 2018
Blessing Ekundayo, Interswitch Ltd.
David Abbott, Debra's Natural Gourmet
Jonathan Cousineau, Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Dev.

January 2018
Tamie Laronde, JS Redpath Ltd.
Richard Rees, ACS
Praveen Chackalayil, Mount Sinai Health System

December 2017
Rachel Pinotti, Mount Sinai Health System
Rob Cotnam, PRI Automation
James Mackey, Naval Surface Warfare Center

November 2017
Jean Xavier, RBC Royal Bank
Calvin Byer, Fordham University
Sara Kieffer-Hess, Booz Allen Hamilton

October 2017
Davina McGinnis, Department of Veteran Affairs
Aaron Hamilton, Ontario College of Teachers
Gordon Todd, Crossby Dewar Inc.
Kevin Moller, Caesars Windsor

September 2017
Paulo Choi, MUFG Union Bank 
Beth Gustas, Bureau of Land Management

August 2017
Marc Ivry,
Chugach Industries, Inc.
Nancy Duley,
Ray Gable, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Moises Capetillo, Sandia National Laboratories

July 2017
Rowel Lirag,
BAE Systems

June 2017
Patrick James,
Buchanan and Edwards

May 2017
Aishah A. Malik, DISA

April 2017
Charlena Brooks, DOJ
Timothy Taylor,
Navy Federal Credit Union
Maurice Corbett, George Washington University
Brandy Lanham-Fennell, NACD

March 2017
Kanan Patel, IEEE

February 2017
John Early, Eastern AHEC/ECU
Nicole Aiken Jimmerson, IBB

January 2017
Kathryn Ortega,
U.S. Marine Corps

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