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Learning Tree International Introduces Two New Excel Courses – Macros: Increasing Productivity through Automation, and Workbooks: Designing for Reliability and Performance

RESTON, VA (October 26, 2010)
Learning Tree International (NASDAQ NGM: LTRE) has announced the introduction of two new targeted, half-day Excel courses entitled Excel Macros: Increasing Productivity through Automation and Excel Workbooks: Designing for Reliability and Performance. In Excel Macros, attendees, taught by our expert instructors, learn how to identify processes to be automated and gain practical experience creating and troubleshooting automated solutions to save time and be more productive. In Excel Workbooks participants learn how to build and troubleshoot professional workbooks to reduce calculation errors; maintain consistency; and increase readability, reliability and performance.

In the Excel Macros course, attendees gain hands-on experience through exercises that include:

  • Easing repetitive tasks through macros
  • Adding functionality and troubleshooting a macro
  • Identifying data types and initializing variables
  • Automating changes in multiple PivotTables
  • Developing an interactive interface with form controls

For the Excel Workbooks course, hands-on exercises include:

  • Enhancing the workbook model with Names
  • Making complex calculations manageable
  • Maintaining workbook integrity with protection and validation
  • Separating workbook models into workflow processes
  • Creating a consistent look and feel within the model

“We’re very pleased to offer these two Excel courses,” said Jennifer Urick, Vice President of Product Development for Learning Tree International. “They are just three hours each, making them an excellent selection for busy professionals who need to get up to speed or accelerate their skills quickly. What’s more, these Excel courses are targeted for moderate users as well as for those more experienced who have been using Excel for years.”

Attendees have three ways to attend these courses:

1. This course can be attended via Learning Tree AnyWare™—our live, online instructor-led training platform that allows attendees to join this course from their home or office.

2. Learning Tree will begin presenting Excel Macros and Excel Workbooks at its Education Centers in November 2010.

The current schedule for both courses (online and in-class) includes the following:

  • Ottawa, ON — November 26, 2010
  • New York, NY — January 21, 2011
  • Chicago, IL (Schaumburg) — February 9, 2011
  • Washington, DC (Rockville, MD) — February 17, 2011

This schedule is subject to change.

3. Excel Macros and Excel Workbooks can also be delivered on site at a client facility as a private, customized event.

For further information and the latest course dates and locations, call 1-888-THE-TREE (1-888-843-8733) or visit for Excel Macros and for Excel Workbooks.

Excel Macros is valuable for anyone who needs to design and troubleshoot macros. Excel Workbooks is targeted for anyone who designs, uses and/or maintains Excel workbooks. For both courses, a working knowledge of Excel is assumed. For Workbooks, experience in formula writing is also assumed.

Excel Macros and Excel Workbooks augment existing Learning Tree courses, including the following:

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Learning Tree International is a leading global provider of highly effective, hands-on training to information technology professionals and managers. Since 1974, over 65,000 organizations have relied on Learning Tree to enhance the professional skills of more than 2.1 million employees. Learning Tree develops, markets and delivers a broad, proprietary library of instructor-led courses focused on web development; IT security; project management; operating systems; databases; networking; software development; and leadership, management and business skills. Courses are presented globally at Learning Tree Education Centers, on-site at client facilities, and can be attended via Learning Tree AnyWare™, the Company’s proprietary technology that connects participants via the web to the actual classroom, from their workplace or home. For more information about our products and services, call 1-888-THE-TREE (1-888-843-8733), visit, follow @LearningTree on Twitter or visit Learning Tree International's Facebook fan page.

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