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Learning Tree International Introduces New Hands-On Course: Programming SharePoint 2010 Applications with .NET

RESTON, VA (September 7, 2010)
Learning Tree International (NASDAQ NGM: LTRE) has announced the introduction of a new four-day, hands-on course entitled Programming SharePoint 2010 Applications with .NET. This course provides attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to build custom SharePoint applications, create Web Parts, employ receivers and workflows, access data and simplify application development using SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010. Through an evolving case study, attendees gain practical experience building SharePoint 2010 applications using Visual Basic or C#.

Attendees will gain extensive hands-on experience building SharePoint 2010 applications using Visual Basic or C#. Exercises include:

  • Programming and installing SharePoint Features
  • Creating ghostable custom ASP.NET pages
  • Developing and deploying a custom SharePoint Web Part
  • Coding a custom list event for validation
  • Automating document processing with a workflow
  • Creating installable solutions
  • Searching for and accessing a list item based on user input

“This course is ideal for programmers and developers who want to customize SharePoint applications with .NET,” explains Jennifer Urick, Vice President of Product Development for Learning Tree International. “The skills learned in this course allow participants to leverage the seamless integration of SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010 to easily create the exact applications they need.”

Attendees have three ways to attend this course:

1. Learning Tree began presenting Programming SharePoint 2010 Applications with .NET at its Education Centers in the U.S. in August and will begin holding classes in Canada in September 2010.

The current schedule includes the following:

  • Washington, DC (Reston, VA) — August 31-September 3
  • Toronto, ON — September 28-October 1
  • New York, NY — October 19-22
  • Chicago, IL (Schaumburg) — October 26-29

This schedule is subject to change.

2. This course can also be attended online with the Learning Tree AnyWare™ online training platform that allows attendees to join this course from their home or office.

3. Programming SharePoint 2010 Applications with .NET can be delivered on site at a client facility as a private, customized event.

For further information and the latest course dates and locations, call 1-888-THE-TREE (1-888-843-8733) or visit

Programming SharePoint 2010 Applications with .NET is valuable for anyone interested in customizing SharePoint applications with .NET, including these professionals:

  • Development team members who want to get the most out of SharePoint 2010
  • .NET or ASP.NET programmers who would like to base their own custom applications on existing SharePoint applications
  • ASP.NET developers who are new to SharePoint for web application development
  • SharePoint administrators and super users who have experience programming in .NET

Programming SharePoint 2010 Applications with .NET augments existing Learning Tree Courses, including the following:

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Learning Tree International is a leading global provider of highly effective, hands-on training to information technology professionals and managers. Since 1974, over 65,000 organizations have relied on Learning Tree to enhance the professional skills of more than 2.1 million employees. Learning Tree develops, markets and delivers a broad, proprietary library of instructor-led courses focused on web development; IT security; project management; operating systems; databases; networking; software development; and leadership, management and business skills. Courses are presented globally at Learning Tree Education Centers, on-site at client facilities, and can be attended via Learning Tree AnyWare™, the Company’s proprietary technology that connects participants via the web to the actual classroom, from their workplace or home. For more information about our products and services, call 1-888-THE-TREE (1-888-843-8733), visit, follow @LearningTree on Twitter or visit Learning Tree International's Facebook fan page.

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