Certified Cloud Risk Management Professional (CCRMP)

Up-skill from IT Pros to Billable NIST RMF Pros—

100% Hands-on Cyber Certification—No Exam!

After hours, online, with labs in 8-week courses

Certified Cloud Risk Management Professional (CCRMP) Based on NIST RMF

Employers: Up-Skill IT Pros to Billable NIST RMF Pros
IT Pros: Fast-Track Your Cyber/Cloud Career

100% Hands-On Cyber/Cloud Certification-online
Based on NIST RMF

Employers and IT pros can tap a hands-on, online cloud certification offered by Learning Tree International in partnership with Mission Critical Institute. In five online, 8-week courses delivered anytime anywhere—includes live online instruction--you or your employees conveniently prepare to become a Certified Cloud Risk Management Professional (CCRMP). The CCRMP is a 100% hands-on project-based, cloud security certification based on the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Students produce NIST RMF/FedRAMP project deliverables and utilize the current vulnerability management (ethical hacking) tools to manage risk described below.


CCRMP: New Hands-On Cloud Cyber Security Certification
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Mission Critical Institute Cloud Security Certification Training Map

A holistic view for both IT professionals looking to advance and organizations employing CCRMPs.


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Why Organizations Recruit CCRMPs: Cyber Security Job-Ready!

Organizations need a reliable pipeline of certified cloud risk management professionals who can execute NIST RMF/FedRAMP projects. They have found that hands-on certification programs reliably predict cybersecurity job-readiness.

Major companies in the financial and auto sectors, as well as government organizations and their contractors, employ CCRMPs.


Benefits of Earning this Cloud Security Certification

  • Validates that you are job-ready to use all steps of the NIST RMF/FedRAMP
  • 100% online with no exam
  • Expert practitioner NIST RMF/FedRAMP instructors
  • Positions you for enterprise-level cybersecurity analyst and executive jobs
  • Equips you with the NIST RMF/FedRAMP project experience employers seek
  • Potential pay increase even while taking each of the five required courses
  • Academic credit – 15 semester credits - The CCRMP curriculum has received recognition from regionally accredited programs in IT, Management, Business and Criminal Justice.  CCRMPs can transfer 15 semester credits to a regionally accredited partner institution.
  • Earn CPE credit




SOC Analyst

Information Assurance ($15K raise)

IT Audit Manager

Senior Security Analyst ($30K raise)

IT Specialist

Cybersecurity Risk Management Specialist

Field Service Engineer (IT Contractor)

Senior Cybersecurity Specialist

Senior Director, Identity and Access Management

Senior Global Manager, Information Security Risk & Compliance

Systems Support Technician

Computer Security Engineer

Associate Data Security Analyst

Senior IT Auditor

Whether you’re currently an IT professional looking to advance in cyber, or a technical professional looking to move into cyber (such as a Technical Project Manager) in order to leverage the gap in cybersecurity risk management talent, this program can help accelerate your career advancement - where the opportunity and need is massive.

Student Weekly Activities

Weekly Engagement Requirements At-a-Glance

WEDNESDAY: Discussion Assignment initial response deadline

FRIDAY: Project Assignment (due on Live Virtual Seminar weeks; odd-numbered Modules)

SATURDAY: Discussion Engagement deadline for responding to other learners' comments

ALTERNATE SATURDAYS: Project Assignment (due ever other week on even-numbered Modules)

ALTERNATE SATURDAYS: Live Online Seminar-Instructor Led (held 10AM EDT every other week on odd-numbered Modules)

FAQs about this Cloud Security Certification

Why isn’t there an exam required to earn the CCRMP?

From working with many major organizations, MCI and these organizations recognize that passing an exam validates cybersecurity knowledge. Practice-based certifications validate cyber job-readiness. Organizations often seek candidates who have actually completed projects and project deliverables relevant to the organizations’ requirements. Successful completion of CCRMP projects after each course demonstrates competency, therefore no exam is required.


Why learn the NIST RMF/FedRAMP?

The NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) have become the de facto standards for cloud security risk management in the U.S.in government and private sector organizations.

The NIST RMF is a six-step process developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for selecting and implementing security controls for information systems that protect an organization’s operations and assets. FedRAMP, which is based on the NIST RMF, certifies the security of cloud service providers (CSPs).


How do I complete this certification process?

Once you complete the 5-course track including all of the required NIST RMF/FedRAMP deliverables, you will be guided by Learning Tree on submitting the proper paperwork to MCI to issue your certification, which will be awarded within 30 days of receipt by MCI of the transcript and agreement.

NOTE: To maintain your CCRMP annually, you will be guided on the requirements of continuing professional education (CPE’s): 40 hours of cybersecurity CPEs per year.

The CCRMP certification fees (for both new and maintaining) are waived for attendees enrolled in 2018-2019.

Learning Tree — MCI Authorized CCRMP Partner

  • Demonstrated ability to help adults advance their careers
  • Offer accredited technical programs or whose courses can be transferred to accredited programs
  • Deliver award-winning cyber training programs
Should you have any questions about this Cloud Security Certification program, please call us toll-free at 888-843-8733 to have a Client Solutions Consultant walk you through your options.
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