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Learning Tree has significant capabilities and past experience serving all of the Services and the OSD in a broad array of technology, project management, and leadership and professional development training. We can provide customized workforce development services and solutions in critical competencies and technologies such as Cloud Computing, Data Science and Cyber Security, as well as guidance for those investing in process disciplines, to include project and program management, business analysis, and the ITIL® framework.




Relevant Training Topics

Cyber Security Training & Certifications

Learning Tree has a robust Cyber Security training offering that provides DoD personnel and support contractors all the courses necessary to obtain the 8140 certification (8140 replaces 8570) Further, we can help you maintain your certifications through ongoing earning of PDUs and CEUs, which is specific to each industry partner.

Project Management Training & Certifications

Learning Tree maintains a comprehensive project/program training curriculum, with focus on both PMP and the FAC P/PM curricula. Our Learning Path tool can help you navigate the right training for you at the entry, journeyman, and advanced levels in both project and program management. Further, we can support you in both obtaining and maintaining the appropriate certification (whether in PMP or FAC P/PM) through courses that provide you PDUs.

Agile Transformation

Learning Tree offers the world’s broadest array of Agile training, supporting learning in all major Agile disciplines, to include Scrum, Kanban, ICAgile, Six Sigma, etc. Like with project management, our Learning Path tool can support you on your Agile professional journey. But just getting started in Agile – our Agile Fundamentals Course (918) is a great way to understand the various Agile methodologies and their uses.

Along with this robust curriculum, our courses support you in earning certifications [hyperlink] in all disciplines in Agile. In addition, we offer the courses required to obtain custom DoD ICAgile Certifications, to include those supporting the Air Force Agile Transformation Program.

Data Science & Analytics

Our extensive curriculum of hands-on data science and analytics courses will enable attendees to apply leading tools and expert techniques to store, manage, process, and analyze large data sets in topics as diverse as machine learning, Python, IoT, R programming, AI, Hadoop, MongoDB, and more. Learning Tree is continuing to develop innovative blended learning models, especially in this emerging trend – be on the lookout for our Data Science Academy. Interested in a free trial of our adaptive learning modules to see what’s on the horizon?

Multi-Solution Cloud Computing

Learning Tree's cloud computing courses help you acquire the right skills for deployment and beyond — for ongoing business benefits. Choose from our extensive list of cloud computing courses to learn the essentials for your role. Gain skills in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), cloud security management, and other cloud and virtualization topics to help you no matter where you are in cloud adoption.

ITIL 4 & Adaptive Virtual Academy

In IT Service Management (ITSM), Learning Tree has launched our new ITIL 4 Foundation course for Version 4 – with a new way to consume as smarter eLearning. Check out what’s new with ITIL and the changes with Version 4 ›

DoD Case Studies

Explore the business cases to see how we partner with various DoD organizations to advance performance of their IT workforce and track measurable results.


U.S. Army Material Command (AMC): Project Management Program

Learning Tree International has supported U.S. Army Materiel Command’s (AMC) Project Management Upskilling and Certification Program since 2015. Extensive collaboration between AMC and Learning Tree helped to create a tailored program that integrates recognized project and program management best practices and standards with DOD and AMC policy and procedures creating an integrated solution that develops professional program and project managers with extensive skills and capabilities. This program delivers significant improvements to recapitalization of critical assets for U.S. Army operations, directly contributing to National Security and achievement of US Army strategic objectives, operational missions and goals. As of September 2019, Learning Tree has delivered over 80 classes to over 1,900 attendees participating in the program.

United States Air Force Case Study: Agile Transformation Program, 605th TES, Hurlburt Field

Organizationally, the USAF is investing in Agile or Adaptive training practices to produce software products that are more accurate at the end of a development cycle and therefore can be released faster. Overall there is a significant need to increase “Agile Cohesion” in USAF Adaptive practices. It is often said that the military has the most advanced agile practices (ex: OODA loop training for Air Force Pilots) but also the most restrictive bureaucratic practices (DOD Regulatory practices) that significantly inhibit increasing organizational agility. Balancing these two conditions is the key factor to developing Agile Practices that are acceptable to modern military organizations. The USAF is committed to mastering this balancing act and Learning Tree International is a committed partner in this important goal. In support of the 605th TES, Learning Tree worked with the leadership to develop a custom learning path for that consisted of the following:

  • Agile Fundamental Training (Phase 1)
  • Agile Project Management Training (Phase 2)
  • Program and Portfolio Management Training (Phase 2)
  • Agile Business Analysis (Phase 2)

Currently, 75 of 160 personal (Military Leadership and personnel, DOD employees and contractors) have completed Phase 1 and about half have completed the Phase 2 of this program. The rest of the group should complete the Agile training program by end of FY20.



Categories of Directive 8140

Compliant with DoD Directive 8140 / 8570, you can get the security training needed to guard computer systems against emerging threats and to safeguard IT environments with Learning Tree. Our award-winning curriculum offers you multi-modal delivery options to meet your learning needs.

DoDD 8570 is being replaced by DoDD 8140. Until DoDD 8140 manuals are finalized, DoD personnel are required to stay DoDD 8570 compliant. As with its predecessor 8570, the new DoD Directive 8140 is split into main categories, with tasks or special areas assigned underneath. This hierarchy helps better define jobs, skills, training, and focus areas. These seven main categories have been borrowed from the NICE Framework, however, Directive 8140 prescribes its own classes/certifications to fulfill the KSAs of the special areas and tasks. The main categories are Security Provision, Operate and Maintain, Protect and Defend, Analyze, Operate and Collect, Oversight and Development, and Investigate. The new framework allows for many different classes, certifications, and formalized training to now qualify an individual as "certified" in a specific task. Having different avenues of training allows individuals to obtain inexpensive training and still be qualified in a task. This list changes often as new classes are submitted.



Securely Provision

Specialty Areas:

Systems Requirements Planning

Enterprise Architecture

Software Engineering

Technology Demonstration

System Development

Test Evaluation

Information Assurance Compliance

  • This category has seven (7) different special areas assigned under it.
  • The jobs assigned to this category are centered around architecture and engineering.
  • Certificates/Classes in this category consist of Project Management (PMP), A+ Certification, SharePoint Management, and Server Administration.

At this time, the mapping is not yet available. Interested in viewing the prior 8570 map? View 8570 Map ›

Operate and Maintain

Specialty Areas:

Network Service

Data Adminstration

System Adminstration

Info System Security Management

System Security Analysis

Customer & Tech Support

Knowledge Management

  • Seven (7) different special areas are assigned under this category also.
  • The jobs assigned in this category are centered around the daily operation and maintenance of computer, network, and enclave systems.
  • Some of the certificates/classes in this category include: A+, Advanced Data Warehousing, Basic Network Traffic Analysis, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

At this time, the mapping is not yet available. Interested in viewing the prior 8570 map? View 8570 Map ›

Protect and Defend

Specialty Areas:

Computer Network Defense (CND)

Incident Response

CND Infrastructure Support

Security Program Management

Vulnerability Management

  • This category has five (5) different special areas assigned under it.
  • These jobs center around securing and defending against cyber-related attacks.
  • Some of the certificates/classes in this category include: A+, Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP), Advanced PCAP Analysis and Signature Dev, and Android Security and Exploitation.

At this time, the mapping is not yet available. Interested in viewing the prior 8570 map? View 8570 Map ›


Specialty Areas:

Cyber Threat Analysis

Exploitation Analysis

All-Source Analysis


  • This category has four (4) different special areas assigned under it.
  • These jobs analyze networks, systems, and exploitations to provide signatures and mitigation strategies.
  • Some of the certifications/classes in this category include: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certificate in Oracle Database Administration, Counterintelligence for IT Professionals, and Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure.

At this time, the mapping is not yet available. Interested in viewing the prior 8570 map? View 8570 Map ›

Operate and Collect

Specialty Areas:

Collection Operations

Cyber Operational Planning

Cyber Operations

  • This category has three (3) different special areas assigned under it.
  • These jobs are centered around cyber operations and planning.
  • Some of the certifications/classes in this category include: Arm Assembler Programming Language, Business Execution: Crafting a Business Strategy that Executes, Security+, and Digital Photography for Law Enforcement.

At this time, the mapping is not yet available. Interested in viewing the prior 8570 map? View 8570 Map ›

Oversight and Development

Specialty Areas:

Legal Advice & Advocacy

Strategic Planning & Policy

Education & Training

At this time, the mapping is not yet available. Interested in viewing the prior 8570 map? View 8570 Map ›


Specialty Areas:


Digital Forensics

  • This category has two (2) special areas assigned under it.
  • These jobs look deeply at investigation and forensics of computer assets.
  • Some of the certifications/classes in this category include: Basic Imaging and Extraction Course, Basic Network Traffic Analysis, CompTIA Linux+ Certification Prep, CompTIA Network+, and Computer Incident Responders Course.

At this time, the mapping is not yet available. Interested in viewing the prior 8570 map? View 8570 Map ›


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