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Essentials of Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI)



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Develop a foundational knowledge of the Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) methodology. This training course provides you with the principles, processes, and skills for data analysis and optimized resource allocation that is adaptable across missions and markets. Gain the skills to help your organization apply key ABI concepts to intelligence and defense missions.

You Will Learn How To

  • Communicate the concepts of ABI, including data analysis and interpretation
  • Decompose an intelligence or defense mission into the four pillars of ABI
  • Identify suitable ABI applications and apply ABI concepts
  • Assess the value of ABI over other contemporary data mining and analysis methods

Important Course Information


  • You must be a U.S. citizen to attend this training

Recommended Experience:

  • Basic computer skills, critical thinking skills, and the ability to use a simple GIS such as Google Maps or Google Earth

Course Outline

  • Introduction to ABI
  • What is ABI?
  • Why are you here?
  • What is the value proposition for ABI?

How does ABI differ from the existing paradigms for analysis?

  • Intelligence and defense
  • Big Data
  • The History of ABI

Why ABI was developed

  • Discovering the "unknown unknowns"
  • The need for intelligence in data disparate environments
  • Understanding Patterns of Life (PoL)

Evolution and growth over time

  • The co-evolution of technology and analytics
  • From grass-roots to formalized tradecraft and methodologies
  • Data Preparation Strategies

Pillar 1: Georeference to Discover

  • Enabling data discovery
  • Foundation for location-driven exploitation
  • Strategies for managing and structuring your data

Pillar 2: Integrate Before Exploit

  • Understanding your data
  • Foundation for non-linear analysis
  • Strategies for focusing exploitation
  • Data Analysis Principles

Pillar 3: Sequence Neutrality

  • Data-driven discovery
  • Strategies for forensic data analysis

Pillar 4: Data Neutrality

  • Harnessing data diversity
  • Strategies for geotemporal correlation
  • The Future of ABI

An Enabler of Analytic Modernization

  • How you can apply this in your workflow
  • Technology trends
  • Evolution of methodology and tradecraft
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When you return to work, you are entitled to schedule a free coaching session with your instructor for help and guidance as you apply your new skills.

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You can take your Learning Tree course exam on the last day of your course or online at any time after class and receive a Certificate of Achievement with the designation "Awarded with Distinction."


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