Introduction to R for Data Analytics Training

Level: Foundation
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This Introduction to R for Data Analytics course will teach your team to leverage the statistical programming language R to effectively analyze data and confidently answer key business questions. In this one-day Introduction to R training course, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to import, pre-process, mine, and evaluate from the core of the necessary data analysis for big data.

Bring this course to your location and train your entire team to leverage the power of R to analyze your data.

Key Features of this Introduction to R Training

  • Exclusive LinkedIn group membership for peer and SME community support
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included
  • After-course computing sandbox included

You Will Learn How To

  • Import a variety of data formats into R
  • Clean and pre-process data in preparation for analysis
  • Pre-process unstructured data for text-mining
  • Apply regression, clustering, and classification in R

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Unlimited annual access to:

  • 3 on-demand courses
  • 5 eBooks
  • 1-day instructor-led training course
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On Demand & Live Review Session

Data Science Blended Training Information

This product offers access to 3 on-demand courses and 5 eBooks that have been mapped directly to the objectives of the 5-day course. At any time during your annual access to this offering, you may attend one of our 1-day course events focused specifically on an Introduction to R for Data Analytics (5045).

On-Demand Training Content

  • On-Demand Courses

    • R Data Analysis Solutions – Machine Learning Techniques
    • Getting Started with Neural Nets in R
    • Advanced Machine Learning with R
  • eBooks

    • Machine Learning with Algorithims – 2nd Edition
    • Mastering Machine Learning with R – 2nd Edition
    • Data Analysis with R – 2nd Edition
    • R Programming Fundamentals
    • Modern R Programming Cookbook

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Introduction to R Training FAQs

  • What is R for data analytics?

    R is the statistical programming language to evaluate the core of the necessary data analysis for big data.

  • How do I bring this Introduction to R course to my location?

    Enhance your team's effectiveness and boost productivity with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organization, live online, or to any preferred location!

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