Introduction to Perl 5 Programming Training

Level: Foundation
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This Introduction to Perl 5 Programming training course provides programmers who have experience in a procedural or object-oriented language, such as Visual Basic, C, C++, Java, or a UNIX shell, with an introduction to how to program in Perl. In this course, you will learn to structure code with user-generated subroutines, exploit additional object-oriented packages available on the Internet and build real-world scripts that can be used on UNIX, Linux, Windows and MacOS. Learn to use Perl for developing complete applications, applying built-in functions, and making use of external modules.

Key Features of this Introduction to Perl 5 Programming Training

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included
  • After-course computing sandbox included

You Will Learn How To

  • Create effective, reusable Perl scripts
  • Parse and manipulate text with Perl regular expressions
  • Extract and arrange information from multiple files
  • Solve complex tasks with ease using Perl’s many small operators and functions


CPE 23 Credits

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Introduction to Perl 5 Programming Course Information

  • Requirements

    • Programming experience with either a procedural or object-oriented language such as Visual Basic, C, C++, Java, or a UNIX shell
    • No previous familiarity with Perl is required

Introduction to Perl 5 Programming Course Outline

  • Introduction to Perl

    • Perl strengths: flexible, fast, rich, easy-to-use operator set
    • Reusable tool building for system admin, text manipulation, the Internet
    • Networking, text filtering, web application programming
  • Perl Syntax Fundamentals

    Running Perl programs

    • Invoking UNIX/Linux scripts with #! syntax
    • Starting Perl scripts under Windows via command line

    Variable types and contexts

    • Scalars vs. lists vs. hashes
    • Strings and interpolated strings
    • Making sense of special variables
    • Working in the right context

    Compound data structures

    • Creating references to anonymous data
    • Building multidimensional arrays
    • Working with multidimensional hashes

    Managing files and user input

    • Handling standard I/O streams
    • Parsing command-line arguments
    • Reading and writing data files
  • Pattern Matching and Operators

    Perl regular expressions

    • Extracting important text information
    • Building on UNIX regular expressions
    • Altering data with substitutions
    • Performing global and case-insensitive matches

    Perl's small operator groups

    • Manipulating arithmetic expressions
    • Replicating and growing strings
    • Saving time with assignment operators
    • Making decisions with logical operators
    • Establishing and using ranges
  • Looping, Decisions and Flow Control

    Perl support for conventional flow control constructs

    • Making decisions with if/else/elsif
    • Creating loops with do, while, until, for and foreach

    Perl-specific constructs

    • if and unless as statement modifiers
    • Constructing switch statements
  • Subroutines

    Writing subroutines

    • Defining and calling a subroutine
    • Passing and receiving parameters
    • Returning values to the caller

    Making data work for you

    • Localizing variables: my and local
    • Accessing global variables
  • Built-in and Add-on Functions

    Common data manipulation requirements

    • String functions for text manipulation
    • Processing arrays with list functions
    • Arranging information with sort

    I/O and tool building

    • Manipulating file system entries
    • Reading binary file
    • Dissecting and creating records with split and join
    • Formatting tabular output
  • Perl and Object Orientation

    How Perl implements object orientation

    • An introduction to OO in Perl
    • Methods, classes and constructors
    • Surveying and obtaining third-party packages from CPAN

    Accessing OO packages

    • Incorporating modules with use
    • Defining a schema to employ OO modules
    • Calling methods with the -> syntax
    • Passing initialization parameters

Introduction to Perl 5 Programming Training FAQs

  • What is Perl?

    Perl is a high-level programming language that provides tools for a variety of tasks and problems, including systems programming.

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