Splunk Enterprise for Cisco Networks (SPLUNK) Training

Level: Foundation

In this Splunk Enterprise for Cisco Networks course, you will learn how Splunk software scales to collect and index hundreds of terabytes of data per day, across multi-geography, multi-datacenter and cloud based infrastructures. Learn how Cisco’s UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data offers linear scalability along with operational simplification for single-rack and multiple-rack deployments. Discover how it can facilitate faster and more predictable deployments.

Utilize Cisco's multiple reference architectures for Splunk software plus a comprehensive Cisco Validated Design for prescriptive, step-by-step guidance for deploying Splunk Enterprise on Cisco UCS.

Redeem your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) for this Splunk Enterprise for Cisco Networks training course.

Key features of this Splunk Enterprise for Cisco Training

  • Cisco Authorized course content
  • Authorized Cisco CCSI Instructor
  • Eligible for Cisco Learning Credit (CLC) redemption
  • Attend in-class, online or bring the course to your facility
  • Expansive course catalog to go deep into Cisco or broaden you skills beyond

You Will Learn How To

  • Harness the power of your machine data to enable you to make decisions based on facts, not intuition or best guesses
  • Reduce the time you spend investigating incidents
  • Find and fix problems faster by learning new technical skills for real world scenarios
  • Get started with Splunk Enterprise, from installation and data onboarding to running search queries to creating simple reports and dashboards
  • Accelerate time to value with turnkey Splunk integrations for dozens of Cisco products and platforms
  • Ensure faster, more predictable Splunk deployments with a proven Cisco Validated Design and the latest Cisco UCS server

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Important Splunk Enterprise for Cisco Course Information

  • Requirements

    • Familiarity with Cisco products.

Splunk Enterprise for Cisco Course Outline

  • Cisco Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Splunk

    • What is Cisco CPA (v4)
    • Architecture benefits for Splunk
    • Components of IIBD and relationship to Splunk architecture
    • Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data with Splunk Enterprise
    • Splunk – Big Data Analytics:
    • Solution Overview
    • NFS Configurations for the Splunk Frozen Data Storage
    • NFS Client Configurations on the Indexers
  • Splunk - Start Searching

    • Introduce Splunk and the Search app
    • Run basic searches
    • Identify the contents of search results
    • Control a search job
    • Set the time range of a search
    • Use the output of a search to refine your search
  • Saving Results and Searches

    • Export search results
    • Save and share search results
    • Save searches
    • Schedule searches
  • Splunk - Fields, Tag, and Events

    • Understand fields
    • Use fields in searches
    • Use the fields sidebar
    • Understand tags
    • Create tags and use tags in a search
    • Describe event types and their uses
    • Create and use event types in a search
  • Splunk - Creating Alerts and Reports

    • Describe alerts
    • Create an alert
    • View fired alerts
    • Create reports and charts
    • Create dashboards and add reports
    • Create and edit dashboards
  • Introduction to Splunk Apps for Cisco

    • Cisco UCS Data In Splunk
    • Cisco Integrations with Splunk
  • UCS Director Express for Big Data

    • Splunk Deployment with UCSDE for Big Data
    • Splunk Management with UCSDE for Big Data
    • Creating a Splunk Cluster with UCSDE for Big Data
  • Labs

    • Lab 1: Installing and Navigating Splunk
    • Lab 2: Importing Data into Splunk
    • Lab 3: Exploring Search Views in Splunk
    • Lab 4: Basic Searches and Search Results
    • Lab 5: Field Lookups and Events
    • Lab 6: Creating Reports and Charts
    • Lab 7: Creating Dashboard
    • Lab 8: Integrating Splunk with Cisco Networking
    • Lab 9: UCS Director Express for Big Data—Splunk Deployment

Splunk Enterprise for Cisco Training FAQs

  • What is Splunk Enterprise?

    Splunk Enterprise is a software product that lets you search, analyze and visualize data you have gathered.

  • How do I redeem my Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) for this Splunk Enterprise for Cisco course?

    During your checkout of the course, make sure to select Credits & Vouchers within the payment method. Highlight and click CLC and enter the sales order number that you were issued by Cisco.

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