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Implementing an effective mobile device security strategy is vital to fending your organization from potentials threats. In this mobile security training course, you gain the skills to identify potential flaws in proprietary and third-party iOS and Android applications, and deploy best practices for mobile app security, risk management, and development.

You Will Learn How To

  • Develop secure applications for Android and iOS
  • Leverage OWASP best practices for secure mobile app development
  • Identify and mitigate the most significant threats to mobile apps
  • Protect application data at rest and in motion

Important Course Information


  • Mobile device application development and operation

Recommended Experience:

  • Mobile security knowledge


  • This course uses Apple computers running Mac OS X. Platform specific hands-on exercises are completed using the iOS simulator and Android emulator

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Mobile Security Management
  • Identifying components of a mobile Operating System (OS)
  • Recognizing application security challenges
  • Exposing the threats faced by mobile devices
  • Discovering mobile hacking tools
  • Developing a Mobile Device Security Strategy

Defining the mobile threat model

  • Balancing usability with security
  • Identifying attack vectors and surfaces
  • Assessing risk and business benefits

Creating a practical security policy

  • Establishing device enrollment procedures
  • Instituting permissions on usage and control
  • Enhancing connectivity control
  • Specifying acceptable use
  • Protecting Mobile Devices

Evaluating vulnerabilities

  • Exploring multiple and diverse device environments
  • Recognizing the risks of mobile applications
  • Defining methods for determining vulnerabilities
  • Uncovering common device configuration errors

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Centralizing device administration
  • Confronting BYOD challenges
  • Fortifying device synchronization
  • Modifying policies to work with each mobile OS
  • Handling lost or stolen devices

Securing the mobile endpoint

  • Designing procedures to secure iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Assessing access solutions
  • Safeguarding credentials
  • Enhancing Mobile Data Security

Maintaining data confidentiality and integrity

  • Applying whole disk and file encryption
  • Evaluating hardware encryption techniques

Establishing secure communication

  • Employing VPN/TLS technology properly
  • Assessing thin clients for mobile devices
  • Allowing remote connectivity
  • Integrating Security throughout the Application Development Process

Applying secure development guidelines

  • Leveraging Xcode and Eclipse ADT
  • Implementing secure coding techniques
  • Differentiating between software and programming language vulnerabilities

Employing Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) resources

  • Revealing the top mobile risks
  • Addressing identified exploits promptly
  • Defeating client-side injection attacks
  • Debugging a running app in an emulator
  • Reverse-engineering apps to identify vulnerabilities

Implementing mobile application security

  • Protecting user interface data
  • Storing data in the Android and iOS Keychain
  • Enforcing user authentication
  • Handling sessions properly
  • Defining trust boundaries

Standardizing permissions

  • Implications of Jail Breaking/Rooting
  • Evaluating platform challenges
  • Promoting a Secure Environment

Creating the assessment plan

  • Performing end-user device testing
  • Manual vs. automated testing

Assessing device vulnerabilities

  • Extracting sensitive data from iOS and Android file systems
  • Analyzing systems for information leaks
  • Determining remediation steps
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