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SharePoint Information Architecture and Governance



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Gain an overview on how to design and implement a robust SharePoint Information Architecture (IA) and governance plan. In this training course, you learn to identify and address the critical architectural and managerial issues for a successful SharePoint implementation, as well as develop the skills necessary to build an IA and governance plan for maximizing SharePoint's return on investment.

You Will Learn How To

  • Build scalable architectural frameworks for business growth
  • Extend SharePoint functionality in a controlled manner
  • Establish roles and responsibilities for your governance team
  • Create a governance plan for SharePoint deployment

Important Course Information


  • Knowledge at the level of:
    • Course 1531, SharePoint 2013 Technologies Introduction
  • Understanding of your organization's business needs

Recommended Experience:

  • Familiarity with Windows, the Internet, and web concepts


  • Concepts covered in this course are applicable in Office365

Course Outline

  • Overview of SharePoint Functionality

Leveraging the capabilities of SharePoint

  • Revealing an enterprise-wide SharePoint deployment
  • Creating and deploying browser-based applications

Identifying architectural layers

  • Farm
  • Web Application
  • Site Collection
  • Site
  • Mapping features to the SharePoint object model
  • Establishing Architectural Frameworks

Defining security governance

  • Determining implications of ownership
  • Setting policies for the creation of lists, libraries, sites and web applications

Controlling extranet and external access

  • Incorporating authentication providers
  • Selecting access controls

Designing taxonomies

  • Creating navigation menus
  • Engineering site and site collection structures

Standardizing metadata across the organization

  • Leveraging site columns, content types and metadata Term Store
  • Classifying objects and services
  • Evolving SharePoint through the Maturity Model

Delivering SharePoint quick wins

  • Migrating Excel spreadsheets to SharePoint
  • Managing issues and tasks with lists

Exporting and organizing LAN content

  • Resolving metadata from folder structures and file names
  • Mapping content to SharePoint sites
  • Building the migration plan

Adhering to compliance rules and archiving data

  • Determining retention policies
  • Establishing audit guidelines

Integrating external systems through SharePoint

  • Locating master data
  • Surfacing external data

Exploiting reusable content

  • Architecting the source material
  • Building multiple consumer sites using subsets of the source material
  • Automating Governance and Management

Administering SharePoint

  • Comparing web-based and PowerShell administration
  • Exploring PowerShell scripting capabilities in SharePoint

Scripting processes to implement policies

  • Deploying SharePoint sites in a controlled manner
  • Creating and managing an application request list
  • Identifying Roles and Responsibilities

Determining skill sets required

  • Planning farm management
  • Performing a skills gap analysis

Building a governance team

  • Structuring technical and business teams
  • Nominating key users
  • Engaging necessary senior management
  • Creating a Governance Plan

Combining information architecture and governance

  • Highlighting interdependencies
  • Streamlining policies and procedures

Developing a road map

  • Gathering and prioritizing the business needs
  • Compiling information and technical architectures
  • Documenting management controls
  • Rolling out a comprehensive training program
  • Assessing the progress of SharePoint deployment

Constructing a governance portal

  • Publishing governance guidelines
  • Managing a project plan through the portal site
  • Fine-tuning SharePoint operations
  • Applying a change management process
  • Incorporating best practices
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