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Developing InfoPath Forms for SharePoint



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Microsoft InfoPath helps organizations streamline business processes by creating forms, gathering information, and structuring data. With this introductory training course, you gain the knowledge and skills to design sophisticated forms for quickly gathering information without writing code, and create InfoPath forms for seamless integration into Microsoft SharePoint.

You Will Learn How To

  • Rapidly create dynamic custom forms for deployment to SharePoint
  • Build interaction into complex forms without writing code
  • Add intelligence to forms with Quick Rules
  • Customize a SharePoint list form in InfoPath
  • Capture external data and convert Office forms to InfoPath

Important Course Information

Recommended Experience:

  • Basic knowledge of SharePoint technologies at the level of Course 1531, SharePoint 2013 Technologies Introduction


  • This course is currently running on InfoPath 2013

Course Outline

  • Introduction to InfoPath

Leveraging InfoPath forms in your organization

  • Defining the benefits and functionality
  • InfoPath Designer
  • Forms Services
  • InfoPath Filler

Centralizing data collection for business processes

  • Replacing disparate forms throughout your organization
  • Exploring SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Submitting results to SharePoint
  • Designing InfoPath Forms

Customizing form templates

  • Extending templates to meet business requirements
  • Adding input controls to enhance the user experience
  • Setting default values in fields or controls

Creating new forms from scratch

  • Defining page layout with tables
  • Building user-friendly forms
  • Applying a consistent look and feel
  • Adding repeating tables for many values
  • Enabling Dynamic Form Interaction

Verifying user input based on business rules

  • Configuring control properties
  • Applying Quick Rules for easy validation without code
  • Validating fields with range, required and format conditions

Conditionally formatting fields

  • Changing background colors or fonts
  • Hiding form sections in response to user actions
  • Building robust cascading drop-down lists
  • Executing a query from an action rule

Defining form actions

  • Dynamically setting the value of a field
  • Querying and submitting data
  • Loading data with a Change Action
  • Setting field properties to read-only
  • Accessing External Information

Retrieving data from multiple sources

  • Integrating data with the Data Connection Wizard
  • Connecting to data sources and SharePoint lists
  • Populating a control with SQL Server Data

Creating a user interface for business data

  • Modifying information inside an InfoPath form
  • Submitting changes to the data source
  • Loading a repeating table with data
  • Publishing Forms to SharePoint

Replacing default SharePoint forms

  • Submitting to a document library
  • Substituting a list default form with an InfoPath form
  • Sending a form to SharePoint as a content type

Assessing deployment options

  • Promoting items to a form library to extend reporting
  • Utilizing administrator-approved templates for complex forms containing custom code

Deploying InfoPath forms

  • Replacing SharePoint lists with InfoPath forms
  • Making new form libraries with form templates
  • Creating content types based on forms
  • Adding Web Parts to a page to display forms
  • Enhancing Business Processes with Workflow

Initiating workflow actions

  • Building a form to trigger a workflow
  • Adding a workflow to a form library

Integrating e-mail and tasks

  • Coordinating and delegating tasks to information workers
  • Embedding the People Picker into forms

Establishing conditional rules

  • Directing workflow actions with form fields
  • Generating task assignments based on form data
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