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Cloud solutions are constantly evolving to provide a more complete platform for cloud computing. Learn to use new features and functionality so that you can efficiently operate your infrastructure and applications with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Building on your foundational knowledge or practical experience of AWS, this course expands your ability to increase use of the largest cloud vendor in the world.

You Will Learn How To

  • Execute code (actions) based on events and triggers with AWS Lambda
  • Share volumes across instances and availability zones with AWS EFS
  • Leverage CloudFormation templates to simplify and streamline deployment
  • Deploy Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) clusters to process large datasets Query data in S3 with AWS Athena

Important Course Information


  • Knowledge at the level of Course 1205, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Recommended Experience:

  • Attendees should have working knowledge of AWS EC2, VPC, and S3


  • AWS Accounts will be provided to attendees for use during the course

Course Outline

  • Managing Access and Storage

Auditing and monitoring

  • Tracking user activity and usage with CloudTrail
  • Controlling access with IAM roles
  • Monitoring RDS databases with RDS enhanced monitoring

Managing data stored in the cloud

  • Automatically change data storage class and archive data with S3 Lifecycle
  • Mounting EFS volumes to multiple instances across availability zones
  • Simplifying Your Infrastructure

Deploying resources with CloudFormation

  • Creating CloudFormation templates to define a collection of AWS resources
  • Streamlining deployment of resources and any associated dependencies

Executing custom actions based on events

  • Detecting configuration changes and verifying compliance with AWS Config
  • Invoking code with AWS Lambda
  • Implementing scheduled or 'cron' jobs with AWS Lamdba
  • Reducing required resources and monthly costs
  • Leveraging AWS for Big Data Processing and Analysis

Deploying Hadoop and Spark clusters on AWS EMR

  • Creating a Spark Cluster and executing a PySpark application
  • Configuring bootstrap actions to initialize an EMR cluster
  • Running Jupyter Notebooks on an EMR cluster

Analyzing large data sets without deploying clusters

  • Querying data in S3 with Athena
  • Using standard SQL to analyze CSV and JSON data
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Training Hours

Standard Course Hours: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
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FREE Online Course Exam (if applicable) – Last Day: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
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The content and exercises in this Amazon Web Services course were well structured, and the hands-on activities deepened insight into the details of how to develop a cloud solution with AWS.

- N. Kaul, IT Innovation Analyst
Merck & Co., Inc.

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