Why Choose Learning Tree

Effective Hands-On Training Since 1974

Participants Will Experience:

The World's Best Instructors

Our instructors are truly expert and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications. At the same time, they are expert trainers — able to communicate complex concepts clearly, understandably and with the enthusiasm that inspires their participants to learn. Learn more »

The Most Effective Practical, Hands-On Training

50% of each course involves "Learning by Doing" using state-of-the-art computers for performing hands-on exercises and real-world simulations. This extensive hands-on experience ensures that participants absorb the knowledge and skills that they will need to apply when returning to work. Learn more »

Confidence That Their Course Will Run

All of our course events are Guaranteed to RunGuaranteed to Run 8 or more weeks before the course event. Learn more »

Attendance Without Advance Payment

Course tuition is not required before participating in a course. Payment is only due after the participant has enjoyed and benefited from their course. Learn more »

Flexible Scheduling with No Fees Attached

Participants can reschedule or cancel their course at any time with no fees attached. Learn more »

Our Unlimited 100% Guarantee

Either the course exceeds the participant's expectations or they pay no tuition. Learn more »

The Widest Choice in How You Attend

  • In-class at one of our purpose-built Education Centers.
  • From the participant's Home, Work or nearest AnyWare Learning Center™ LIVE via AnyWare™ – our superior, web-based attendance platform.
  • In a custom-designed LiveLinked ClassroomLiveLinked Classroom™, which is linked to the live, instructor-led course at the hosting Education Center.
  • PLUS, bring any Learning Tree course on site to any facility you choose and train your entire team.

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Free After-Course Benefits

Participants enjoy numerous post-course benefits and ongoing development programs, including:

  • NEW! FREE After-Course Instructor Support: After participants return to work, they are entitled to a support session with their instructor via AnyWare, e-mail or phone.
  • NEW! FREE After-Course Ability to Redo Exercises: You'll be provided with remote access to repeat and extend your course's hands-on exercises on a Learning Tree computer.
  • Preservation of all the participant's Learning Tree training accomplishments, including:
    • Courses attended
    • Certifications
    • Professional and College Credits earned
  • Ability to access and download course notes and hands-on exercises.
  • Participation in blogs, instructor-led forums and more!

Training You Can Trust®

Learning Tree courses are vendor-independent. Our Proprietary Course Materials are developed by Learning Tree Instructors.

Others Can't Compare When It Comes To IT Training


  • Guaranteed to Run Course Events
  • Attendance Without Advance Payment
  • Ability to Reschedule or Cancel with No Fees
  • An Unlimited 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction
  • Numerous Free After-Course Benefits


  • Do not guarantee their courses will run
  • Require full payment in advance
  • Demand payment of fees if participants cancel
  • Do not provide a full guarantee of satisfaction
  • Offer minimal or no post-course support