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6 New Activity-Based Intelligence Courses

Executive Overview of Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI)

Course 8050 — Hands-On — 1/2 Day

About This Course: ABI is a new methodology for technology-enabled problem solving developed by the intelligence community for real-time integration of large, diverse disparate data (Big Data) streams. In addition, ABI is a Multiple Intelligence Sources (Multi-INT) approach to activity and transactional data analysis used to resolve unknowns [unknowns], develop object and network knowledge, and drive collection. This half-day course exposes you to ABI concepts, technology trends, and how to enable ABI in your organization.

Essentials of Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI)

Course 8101 — Hands-On — 1 Day

About This Course: ABI is a new methodology for technology-enabled problem solving developed by the intelligence community for real-time integration of large, diverse disparate data (Big Data) streams. ABI emphasizes the importance of spatial temporal filtering for disambiguation among entities, activities, and locations of interest. Additionally, ABI is a Multiple Intelligence Sources (Multi-INT) approach to activity and transactional data analysis used to resolve unknowns [unknowns], develop object and network knowledge, and drive collection.

Developing Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) Applications

Course 8201 — Hands-On — 5 Days

About This Course: ABI is a methodology for technology-enabled problem solving developed by the intelligence community to discover low-signature targets across Big Data. This is a highly technical programming course that provides the skills needed to become an ABI full-stack developer. This course teaches you how to quickly turn ABI analysts technical needs into mission-focused software applications.

Applying Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) Methods

Course 8205 — Hands-On — 5 Days

About This Course: In this course, you gain the foundational knowledge for integrating ABI methods and concepts into your analytic practice. You identify and develop low-signature targets and activities of interest by applying the "Four Pillars" of ABI. Additionally, you expand your analytic capabilities beyond traditional All-Source methods, integrating them with best practices for big data analytics.

Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) Programming in the Field

Course 8301 — Hands-On — 5 Days

About This Course: This course is an immersive scenario-based training event, designed to test your tenacity as a full-stack ABI developer. This advanced programming class teaches lean development techniques using XP (Extreme Programming) concepts. In this course, you hone your programming and customer engagement skills to rapidly develop target-based analytics in a realistic, operational environment.

Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) Analysis in the Field

Course 8305 — Hands-On — 5 Days

About This Course: In this scenario-based capstone, you work side by side with ABI-trained developers, leveraging the complementary nature of your respective skill sets to solve complex problems. Additionally, you experience the operational tempo and resource constraints of real operations and gain the acumen to work and collaborate effectively in a fast-paced team environment.

2 New Big Data Courses

Building Apache Cassandra Databases

Course 1260 — Hands-On — 3 Days

About this Course: The large volume and variety of data that today's businesses process necessitates the need for a highly available, low latency database.  Cassandra provides this solution by permitting high-speed reads and writes across a replicated, distributed system.  This Apache Cassandra training course provides experience modeling data to take advantage of the linearly scalable peer-to-peer design of Cassandra. 

Building Enterprise Solutions with MongoDB

Course 1261 — Hands-On — 3 Days

About This Course: Today's business needs change rapidly and must cope with an ever-growing variety of data. Table-based databases struggle in this scenario, whereas the document-oriented nature of MongoDB allows developers to quickly build highly scalable applications. This MongoDB training course provides in-depth knowledge for developing, administering, securing and scaling MongoDB-based applications.

6 New Cyber Security Courses

Cyber Security for the Boardroom and C-Suite

Course 2050 — Workshop — 1/2 Day

About This Course: This course prepares members of the board to understand, assess and take a proactive posture in cyber security. Along the way, attendees will investigate risk assessment and management frameworks that help mitigate the risks, as well as identify potential security gaps that could prove a liability. Finally, members of the board must be able to address to handle the threats from Social Engineering and Advanced Persistent Threats that can decimate an organization.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Management for the U.S. Government

Course 2051 — Workshop — 4 Days

About This Course: Laws and regulations impose stringent cyber security requirements on all U.S. Government organizations. By employing the standards-based risk management process defined by NIST and described in this course, you are able to establish and maintain a security posture that can protect your organization from unacceptable losses.

Advanced Persistent Threats: Targeted Attacks & Defenses

Course 2054 — Hands-On — 4 Days

About This Course: This Advanced Persistent Threats course identifies comprehensive attack and defense methodologies to mitigate the risk of targeted attacks & cyber espionage. Attendees learn a structured approach to analyze and assess inherent vulnerabilities that expose them to the advanced persistent threat and develop mitigation and countermeasures that may prevent an attacker from gaining a foothold into the organization.

Digital Forensics: Windows System and Mobile Investigations

Course 2055 — Hands-On — 5 Days

About This Course: This course provides a strong foundational introduction to Digital Forensics on Microsoft Windows-based systems. Attendees work in both a Windows and Linux environment for their investigative workstations and are exposed to theory and practical skills for an entry-level forensic examiner (acquisition, analysis and reporting), with introductory exposure to advanced topics (live system and mobile forensics).

Identity Management

Course 2056 — Hands-On — 4 Days

About This Course: The implementation of the appropriate Identity Management (IM) and Identity Access Management (IAM) strategies simultaneously strengthen security and simplify access to critical resources. In this Identity Management course, attendees learn to implement SSO via a solid foundation based on industry-standard PKI, federated identity management and emerging cloud technologies.

Cyber Security, Accessibility and Quality

Course 3674 — Hands-On — 4 Days

This course is right for anyone tasked with selecting, implementing and evaluating information system security controls. Mature frameworks and generally accepted practices aid in producing a strong, comprehensive security posture. This course can benefit anyone seeking a comprehensive Risk Management Framework.

2 New Networking Courses

Introduction to Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Course 2705 — Hands-On — 3 Days

About This Course: Today's professionals must possess a solid foundation in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to streamline enterprise operations and maintain a competitive edge. This SDN training course provides you with a working knowledge of SDN concepts, products, challenges and benefits for rapidly responding to the business needs of your organization.

Preparing for the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

Course 2708 — Workshop — 5 Days

About This Course: This Network+ Certification training course is designed to strategically prepare you for the international CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam (N10-006) that validates your foundational knowledge as a network practitioner. Course tuition includes the CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Authorized Exam Cram book and an exam voucher that allows you to take the exam at any Pearson VUE Test Center location.

1 New Perl & Python Course

Python Best Practices and Design Patterns

Course 1906 — Hands-On — 4 Days

About This Course: This advanced Python Programming course provides the skills needed to incorporate Python programming best practices. Attendees expand upon their fundamental Python skills to build reliable and stable Python applications and implement design patterns in order to solve common, real-world software design problems.

2 New C++ Courses

C++ Programming Introduction

Course 327 — Hands-On — 4 Days

About This Course: C++ is a long-established, mainstream language used across a broad range of applications. This course provides a solid foundation in C++ for programmers without assuming experience with the C language. You acquire knowledge of key C++ concepts and gain valuable hands-on experience developing C++ programs.

C++ Best Practices and Design Patterns

Course 397 — Hands-On — 4 Days

About This Course: The ability to leverage the work of others, avoid pitfalls, and apply proven idioms and patterns can greatly improve the effectiveness of programming efforts. In this course, you learn to increase productivity by combining tools, idioms, syntax and libraries to produce industrial-strength C++ code. Numerous hands-on exercises provide real-world experience in developing high-quality C++.

1 New Windows Course

Windows 10: Configuration and Support

Course 2420 — Hands-On — 4 Days

About this Course: An IT infrastructure that can balance productivity and agility is a daily challenge for today's organizations. Supporting and maintaining a mobile workforce only adds to this challenge. Windows 10 new features provide the functionality to meet these evolving needs. In this Windows 10 course, you gain the skills and knowledge needed to support and administer a Windows 10 environment.

4 New Project Management Courses

PRINCE2 Agile™: Achieving Practitioner Certification

Course 3634 — Workshop — 3 Days

About This Course: Introducing PRINCE2 Agile, the world's most complete project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile with the effective governance and control of PRINCE2. It creates an environment focused on both management and delivery. Through practice exams, workshops and overnight study, this PRINCE2 Agile certification course provides the knowledge to take the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Exam on Day 3.

PMP®: A Project Management Certification

Course 4631 — Workshop — 1 Day

About This Course: Project Management Professional (PMP) is leading project management certification in the world from Project Management Institute (PMI). Attendees learn the structure of the PMBOK Guide. This course provides guidance into completing the PMP application to qualify to sit for the exam, getting overview of the guide, and testing your familiarity to taking the exam.

Project Cost and Schedule Management

Course 4916 — Workshop — 1 Day

About This Course: Project cost is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of every project's success. In this course, you gain skills to estimating costs and establishing a defensible cost baseline. In addition, you learn how to evaluate costs against scope and schedule and learn to report and forecast on future project performance with the Earned Value Analysis.

Project Procurement Management

Course 4917 — Workshop — 1 Day

About This Course: In this course, attendees learn about contract types and where to apply them, conducting market research to identify suitable vendors, performing independent cost estimates, conducting make-buy analysis, developing source selection criteria, employing contract management and changing control processes required to develop and administer contracts.

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