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New Learning Tree Training Courses

New Learning Tree courses on Cyber Security, Windows Systems, SharePoint 2013, Big Data ... and more!

1 New SharePoint Course

SharePoint Information Architecture and Governance

Course 1537 — Hands-On — 3 Days

In this course, participants design and implement a robust SharePoint information architecture and governance plan. They also learn to build scalable architectural frameworks for business growth, extend SharePoint functionality in a controlled manner and create a governance plan for SharePoint deployment.

1 New Linux Course

Linux Troubleshooting

Course 1901 — Hands-On — 4 Days

Throughout this course, participants gain the knowledge to troubleshoot Linux with effective tools and techniques. They learn to rescue an unbootable system, recover and tune local and remote file systems, optimize Linux application performance and identify and fix network errors and bottlenecks.

3 New Software Development Courses

UI & UX Optimized Software and Web Design

Course 1802 — Hands-On — 3 Days

In this course, participants gain the knowledge and skills to create a User Experience (UX) that integrates the needs of the user with the application. Specifically, they learn to design personas and stories that drive User Interface (UI) design, leverage models and UX design patterns to develop a functional design, and test UX designs to meet user goals.

Scrum Master: Leading Scrum Teams

Course 1813 — Workshop — 2 Days

In this course, you gain the skills to lead your Scrum Teams to high performance. You learn how to become a servant-leader to your Development Team, your Product Owner and your organization, apply effective Scrum facilitation techniques, and act as an effective change agent and remove impediments.

Accelerating Agile Development for Scrum Teams

Course 1812 — Workshop — 3 Days

In this course, you learn how to resolve organizational issues that impede your Agile teams' progress, build high-performing teams for more valuable software delivery, and minimize waste using Lean principles. You also apply Scrum to portfolio management and multiple team projects.

1 New Oracle Database Course

Oracle Database 12c Backup, Recovery and Server Tuning

Course 2228 — Hands-On — 5 Days

In this course, you gain the skills to deploy backup and recovery strategies to protect Oracle 12c data. You will learn to implement automated backup and recovery techniques with Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), configure Data Guard for disaster recovery as well as protect data privacy with Data Masking and Data Redaction. Additionally, you will learn how to manage Oracle Database 12c server performance.

1 New Windows Course

IIS 8.0/8.5 for Windows Server 2012

Course 2416 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, you gain practical experience installing and configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.0/8.5 on Windows Server 2012/R2. You will learn to implement the modular architecture of IIS, automate administrative tasks with PowerShell, deploy an IIS Web application platform with ASP.NET and PHP as well as secure access by authentication and encryption.