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1 New Leadership & Professional Development Course

Agile Leadership

Course 3401 — Workshop — 3 Days

In this course, you articulate a compelling vision for your organization's future based on identifying and enhancing business value. You increase the effectiveness of your organizationís Lean and Agile initiatives and align and amplify contemporary leadership principles under the umbrella of an Agile Leadership Model.

1 New Software Development Course

Leading SAFe - SAFe Agilist Certification

Course 1817 — Workshop — 2 Days

This course provides attendees with the knowledge to introduce Lean Thinking into their team and organization, integrate a framework for scaling Agile practices and align their team's release cadence with an Agile Release Train. Additionally, attendees learn the foundations of Agile Portfolio Program Management and how to adopt the principles of Lean-Agile leadership.

1 New Windows Courses

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services

Course 2413 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, attendees learn how to integrate their existing IT infrastructure with Microsoft Azure. They create, manage and monitor virtual machines, configure virtual networks and prepare redundant data storage and protect data and workloads with Azure Backup and Site Recovery.

1 New Networking Course

IPv6: Implementing the Next-Generation Network

Course 2703 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, attendees learn to plan, configure and implement IPv6 successfully within their network, design IPv6 addressing and end-to-end communication architecture and apply IPv6 protocols and technologies including security. In addition, attendees learn to leverage IPv6 to facilitate future innovation, engage stakeholders and partners for effective integration of IPv6 and support the Internet of Everything (IoE) with IPv6.

1 new Apple OS X Enterprise Integration Course

Integrating Mac OS X in the Enterprise

Course 947 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, attendees deploy, configure and administer Mac OS X in the enterprise. They navigate file systems, install applications and run virtual machines; integrate LDAP services including Active Directory (AD) and Open Directory (OD); and authenticate and manage Mac clients in the AD.

1 New Linux Course

Linux Virtualization

Course 1902 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, you learn how to virtualize servers on a Linux platform to reduce operational costs, apply several different virtualization technologies and run Windows and UNIX and emulate ARM under Linux. In addition, you learn to tune virtual machines to maximize performance or security, reduce downtime and simplify maintenance and construct a network with thin clients.

New Courses Coming Soon!

Dynamic Elicitation and Communication Skills for Business Analysis
This three–day course is developed specifically for Business Analysts and others who perform business analysis functions during the planning, development and delivery of a project. The workshops, role plays and case studies will demonstrate effective usage of communication best practices specific to the BA role.

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