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New Learning Tree courses on Lync Server 2013, Agile, Swift Programming, SharePoint ... and more!

1 New Windows Course

Lync Server 2013 Introduction

Course 2510 — Hands-On — 4 Days

Upon completing this course, attendees will be able to install, configure and maintain a robust Lync Server 2013 environment. They will architect a customized topology with the Lync Planning Tool, optimize an enterprise deployment with the Lync Topology Builder, leverage the extensive capabilites of Enterprise Voice and administer servers with the Lync Server Control Panel.

2 New Project Management Courses

Adopting Lean-Agile for Business & Operations

Course 3641 — Workshop — 3 Days

In this course you learn how to boost results within your organization by adopting proven Lean-Agile principles. You leverage an adaptive, value-driven development lifecycle to shorten lead-time, and identify and eliminate waste through value-stream analysis. You also learn how to improve performance with collaborative and cross-functional teams, while taking practical steps to implement Lean-Agile in your organization.

Agile Project Management: Achieving Practitioner Certification

Course 3633 — Workshop — 4 Days

In this course, participants prepare for and take the APMG Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner Exams. They learn to establish and lead a successful Agile project; apply agile techniques such as facilitated workshops, modelling, prioritizing and timeboxing; and manage, define and deliver a solution acceptable to the business.

1 New Mobile App Development Course

Swift Programming for Mac/iPhone/iPad Introduction

Course 2763 — Hands-On — 4 Days

Throughout this course, attendees will create, compile and execute Swift programs using Xcode. They will verify code in Playgrouds; organize code with classes, structures and enumerations; and implement object-oriented designs with inheritance, aggregation and protocols.

1 New SharePoint Course

Building Dashboards with SharePoint

Course 1536 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, attendees will design and publish dashboards with SharePoint Server and build Business Intelligence content with Dashboard Designer. They will integrate Excel worksheets and chart data, develop KPIs with PerformancePoint Services, present business insight from a variety of reports and data sources and connect Web Parts to display and filter data for analysis.

1 New SQL Server Course

SQL Server 2014 Performance Enhancements

Course 2111 — Hands-On — 3 Days

Throughout this course you will gain hands-on experience with SQL Server 2014 performance enhancement features. You will create and modify In-Memory tables for high performance OLTP, build native compiled stored procedures for efficient execution and improve performance by implementing delayed durability. Additionally, you will employ the Analysis, Migration and Reporting tool to determine which tables should be converted to In-Memory tables.

1 New Web Development Course

Building Web Applications with AngularJS

Course 2321 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, attendees will build a complete AngularJS Single Page Application (SPA). They will craft the User Interface with templates, directives and filters, code controllers with JavaScript and bind data to templates. They will learn how to develop data-bound forms to perform CRUD access and harness built-in services to perform REST data access.

1 New Big Data Course

Big Data Analytics with Pig, Hive and Impala

Course 1254 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, participants acquire the knowledge to leverage Pig and Hive to prepare and analyze large data sets on Hadoop. Productivity is increased by allowing the programmer to avoid low level coding characteristic of MapReduce. Attendees learn to rapidly clean, filter, impose structure, and query data to obtain information of value that allows more informed and timely business decisions.

2 New Software Development Courses

Agile Software Development with Team Foundation Server

Course 1816 — Hands-On — 4 Days

In this course, you learn to manage an entire software project using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Online. You learn how to document work using features, backlog items, tasks and bugs, maintain source code with Team Foundation Version Control and Git, as well as monitor progress with backlogs, Kanban boards and burn-downs. You also gain hands-on experience automating testing and deployment with continuous integration.

Preparing for TOGAF Accreditation

Course 1803 — Workshop — 4 Days

In this course attendees prepare for the TOGAF Foundation (Part 1) and Certified (Part 2) examinations. They learn to identify opportunities for achieving business and IT alignment, apply a process for creating architectures through TOGAF's Architecture Development Method, and create an organization-specific architecture capability.

1 New Cyber Security Course

Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Management

Course 2013 — Workshop — 4 Days

During this course, attendees implement a standards-based, proven methodology for assessing and managing risks to their organization's information infrastructure. They will apply Operational Risk Management (ORM) to information systems, institute actionable security mechanisms with measurable results and select and tailor security controls that satisfy requirements.

New Courses Coming Soon!

Linux Virtualization
This course is for experienced Linux Administrators who are interested in managing a high volume of servers or virtual machines using Red Hat Linux.

Windows Azure Infrastructure Services
This course is for experienced System Administrators and other IT Professionals who have been tasked with moving all or a part of their IT infrastructure to the Windows Azure cloud.

Migrating to IPv6
This course is for network administrators, managers and other network and security professionals involved in the migration to IPv6.

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