Personal Skills for Professional Excellence

Course 297 | 4 Days

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Personal Skills for Professional Excellence

You Will Learn How To:

  • Apply proven skills to stay focused, work effectively and develop your networks and expertise
  • Get results working with different and difficult personality types
  • Maintain focus in pressure situations
  • Build and leverage your professional reputation
  • Work productively within your organization's political environment
Course participants identifying key players in their work environment.

Workshop Activities Include:

  • Evaluating your strengths and style
  • Linking ethics, integrity and reputation
  • Developing teamwork skills in a simulated situation
  • Profiling your levels of political intelligence
  • Constructing a personal blueprint for excellence and success
  • Presenting a high-impact message of commitment

About This Course: You will gain a comprehensive set of skills that helps you stay focused, work effectively with colleagues, develop your networks and expertise, and build your reputation for delivering results. This course gives you the skills and tools you need to handle everyday practical problems.

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  • Course Info

    Course 297 Content


    • Key characteristics of professional people
    • The components of personal effectiveness

    Realizing Your Strengths and Fulfilling Your Potential

    Evaluating your aptitudes, personal style and development areas

    • Applying the Multiple Intelligences Model
    • Profiling your preferred personal style(s)
    • Uncovering the talent paradox

    Working to your strengths

    • Assessing natural talents and personal values
    • The influence of intelligences on personality
    • Recognizing the effects of personal styles

    Building Your Professional Effectiveness

    The core elements of professional excellence

    • The three Rs of personal effectiveness
    • Operating with ethics and integrity

    Developing your professional power

    • Recognizing the source of your personal power
    • Adopting a proactive approach to building your power

    Working Productively with Others

    Enhancing your thinking tool set

    • Revealing limiting beliefs and personal restrictors
    • The dynamics of human interactions
    • Enhancing your emotional intelligence

    Interpreting behavior and language to understand motives and intentions

    • The importance of difference in productive working
    • Building effective mental models
    • Managing different personal styles

    Achieving Results in Pressure Situations

    Working together to get results

    • Identifying important players in your work environment
    • Working with difficult coworkers
    • Countering corporate game-playing

    Making meetings work for you

    • Keeping your meetings constructive and professional
    • Taking personal styles into account during meetings
    • Adopting a collaborative approach

    Building Your Professional Reputation

    Amplifying your effectiveness by networking

    • Reaping the benefits of networking for purpose
    • Enhancing your personal influence
    • Building and managing your networks proactively
    • Crafting your personal brand

    Demonstrating political intelligence

    • Assessing your level of political intelligence
    • Being political with integrity
    • Navigating the power and politics in your organization

    Managing disagreement productively

    • Being assertive without aggression
    • Defusing disagreement with active listening
    • Dealing with more serious disagreement

    Creating the Results You Want

    Harnessing the power of positive psychology

    • Seeing stress as a gift
    • Building short-term coping mechanisms
    • Developing mental toughness

    Assembling a personal success strategy

    • Aligning strengths and purpose
    • Finding balance with the Wheel of Life
    • Choosing to become the best that you can be

    Setting the Framework for Success

    Choosing your personal and professional future

    • Learning from successes and setbacks to build excellence
    • Creating big picture goals
    • Addressing resistance and established patterns

    Committing to action

    • Crafting your blueprint for professional effectiveness
    • Addressing the journey to excellence continuum
    • Presenting your personal statement of commitment

    Who Should Attend

    Those who want to increase their productivity and effectiveness, gain greater self-awareness, build their professional reputation and credibility, and work successfully with a range of people.

    Training Hours

    Standard class hours:
    9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Last day class hours:
    9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    Free optional course exam:
    3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Each class day:
    Informal discussion with instructor about your projects or areas of special interest:
    4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

  • More Course Info

    What is this course about?

    This course is about how to be effective both as an individual and in your working relationships. The course does not present a one-size-fits-all model of effectiveness. Rather, it provides opportunities to identify how you can make the best use of your strengths and talents, minimize the impact of the areas where you are less strong, and make a positive impact in your organization.

    In today's complex and rapidly changing working environment, all professionals face stress, often caused by difficult relationships, challenging situations, or pressure of work. All professional people need to understand how they process information, respond to set-backs and learn from their experiences. With greater self-awareness they can make more effective choices about how they think and how they can work more productively with others, and identify actions that will proactively support them to move their career forward. This course gives you the skills and tools you need to deal with the practical problems that all of us face every day.

    Why are personal performance skills important?

    When surveyed, respondents repeatedly valued personal effectiveness as a key characteristic of professional excellence. This course helps you develop your own methods for keeping on top of your job, managing your reputation and career, navigating the complexities of organizational politics and collaborating with others.

    In today's flexibly managed organizations, people are being given more responsibility and are able to take more initiative in their work. This makes having effective personal performance skills even more important.

    How practical is the course?

    The course is intensely practical. Some theory is presented in order to explain such concepts as personal styles and intelligence and how they influence relationships. Most of the course is very practical, with exercises, assessments, simulations and workshops to bring out the various learning objectives. You are able to apply what you learn right away.

    What background do I need?

    There are no formal requirements for this course. A desire to develop greater self-knowledge, work constructively with others and further your career is an advantage.

    Who will benefit from this course?

    This course benefits those who want to learn how they can be more personally effective in general, as well as those who are looking to become more effective in specific areas such as building workplace relationships, developing networks and decision-making.

    Which personal excellence skills are covered in the course?

    We cover a number of important skills that form a set of attributes to enhance your performance and reputation:

    Managing your relationships effectively- Our ability to work well within a team or organization is increasingly important in today's workplace. This course shows you how to improve your understanding of the people you work with so that everyone benefits from better working relationships.

    Developing a personal effectiveness model- Effectiveness is personal, so understanding your strengths and talents is an important foundation for building your own unique model of how you can be most effective.

    Building networks and addressing politics- How to get the support, visibility and influence you need to be successful. Recognizing the sources of your personal power and proactively developing it is critical for your success in influencing and collaborating ethically with others.

    Handling meetings- Meetings are expensive and they take time. The course helps you contribute constructively to meetings that bring different perspectives together effectively, and shows you how to apply a decision making process that structures discussion and delivers the required results.

    Harnessing the power of positive psychology- Handling the stressors of the contemporary workplace is very important. This course help you to proactively identify and address the stressors in your workplace, build your resilience, and use set-backs positively.

    Career management and goal setting techniques- One of the most important skills of a professional person, the course shows you how to focus on your goals and balance various aspects of your life. You will identify action steps needed to develop your skills, build your reputation and network, and move towards your future. Each participant prepares and delivers a short presentation outlining the learning they will apply to become more effective.

    How much time is spent on each topic?

    Developing a personal effectiveness model 4.0
    Managing your relationships effectively 4.5
    Networking and political skills5.0
    Working productively with colleagues5.0
    Managing your personal reputation and career2.0
    Creating the results you want 2.5

    Times, including the workshops, are estimates; exact times may vary according to the needs of each class.

    How much of this course is spent in workshops?

    Approximately 65 percent of this course is spent in extensive, practical workshops and exercises, conducted in small groups, that focus on learning techniques to achieve your professional goals. Workshops include:

    • Evaluating your strengths and style
    • Developing teamwork skills in a simulated situation
    • Building productive work relationships
    • Handling workplace stressors
    • Profiling your political intelligence
    • Identifying the key players in your work environment
    • Developing key goals and action steps
    • Delivering a personal statement of action

    Is this course applicable toward a Project Management Institute (PMI) certification?

    Yes. Though this course is not designed as preparation for an exam, it is beneficial to anyone working toward, or maintaining, a PMI certification. Most PMI certifications require a specific number of PDUs in order to obtain and maintain the credential. Completion of this course provides 23 professional development units (PDUs).

    Learning Tree offers several courses that help you prepare for PMI certifications, including Course 276, Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep, which prepares you for PMI's most popular certification. For more details on these courses and PMI certifications, please see the Learning Tree PMI Registered Education Provider Q&A.

    How does this course relate to other Learning Tree courses?

    While the emphasis of this course is on managing your own working life, Learning Tree offers other courses in communication, management and planning. These include:

  • Certification/Credits

    Many Learning Tree courses provide college credit and industry continuing education credits. You can also earn a Learning Tree Professional Certification in your area of expertise and prepare for popular industry certifications. See below for continuing professional development credits associated with this course.

    College Credit – 2 Semester Hours This course qualifies for 2 semester hours of college credit as certified by the American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT). Read More...
    CPE 23 CreditsThis course qualifies for 23 CPE credits from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy CPE program. Read More...
    PMI 23 PDUThis course is approved by PMI® for 23 professional development units (PDUs). For more on the Project Management Institute and a full list of courses approved for PDUs. Read More...
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"The personal skills class was great—the instructor was knowledgeable and made the material easily understandable. I've definitely made use of the mental modules portion, and as a result have become more aware and sensitive to my own needs as well as the needs of others. The positive attitude I've developed has infected the rest of my team—now we all have a brand new perspective about achieving company goals!"

– S. Ramnauth
Learning / Org. Dev. Registrar
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