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Course 126 | 4 Days

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Crystal Reports

You Will Learn How To:

  • Develop reports to transform data into meaningful information
  • Create advanced graphical and crosstab reports
  • Add calculations and program logic with the Formula Workshop
  • Connect to data sources and extract data to meet reporting needs
  • Deploy reports via HTML via Visual Basic and .NET
Participants creating sophisticated reports using Crystal Reports.

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Building reports from the ground up
  • Connecting to data sources natively, via OLE DB and ODBC
  • Designing a crosstab and drill-down report
  • Developing a summary report with drill-down capabilities
  • Simplifying information using charts and graphs
  • Deploying your report to a web server for distribution

About This Course: You gain extensive experience using Crystal Reports to connect to databases, retrieve raw data, format data, and create and present reports for widespread distribution. You return to your organization with a detailed process to help you connect to data sources and create useful reports.

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  • Course Info

    Course 126 Content

    Overview of Crystal Reports

    • Formatting and summarizing data
    • Filtering, sorting and grouping data
    • Customizing reports with business logic
    • Connecting to SQL Server, Oracle and Access databases

    The Crystal Report Writer

    Writing a basic report

    • Selecting a format
    • Adding text and fields
    • Connecting to remote data sources
    • Configuring the reporting environment

    Formatting and styling

    • Tailoring sections within a report
    • Designing fields for quality presentations
    • Highlighting data with Highlight Expert

    Linking Crystal Reports to Data

    Connecting to popular data sources

    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • Access
    • Web logs
    • XML
    • Reporting from stored procedures and views

    Establishing data connections

    • Creating a connectivity checklist
    • Configuring ODBC and OLE DB
    • Integrating SQL commands in a report

    Interpreting Structures and Retrieving Data

    Navigating complex data

    • Deciphering data structures
    • Identifying data relationships

    Gathering the right data

    • Merging data from multiple tables
    • Building business queries

    Combining Powerful Report Techniques

    Organizing and summarizing reports

    • Sorting user sort control and grouping
    • Summary and Rolling Total fields

    Building advanced reports

    • Embedding linked and unlinked subreports into reports
    • Creating crosstab and drill-down reports
    • Designing dynamic and cascading prompts
    • Hyperlinking Reports and Multilingual Reports
    • Achieving reusability with templates

    Visualizing complex data

    • Simplifying data with charts and graphs
    • Organizing fields into sections
    • Adding, merging, suppressing sections

    Programming Data Functionality

    Coding in formula language

    • Working with variables and operators
    • Deciphering formula syntax
    • Adding and modifying formulas
    • Calling and working with functions

    Writing effective formulas

    • Building if/then/else statements
    • Converting and comparing data
    • Debugging the code
    • Employing the Formula Workshop

    Converting to Basic Syntax

    • Writing formulas with Basic Syntax
    • Laying a foundation for complex reporting logic

    Deploying Reports to the Internet, Visual Basic and .NET

    Deploying Crystal Reports

    • Deciding among Push, Pull, Static and Dynamic reports
    • Migrating to production by switching databases

    Publishing reports to a website and integrating into custom applications

    • Exploring development options
    • Exporting reports to PDF, Excel, Word and HTML
    • Adding Crystal Reports to a .NET application

    Who Should Attend

    Anyone involved in creating reports from stored data who has experience using Windows and working with a spreadsheet.

    Training Hours

    Standard class hours:
    9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Last day class hours:
    9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    Free optional course exam:
    3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Each class day:
    Informal discussion with instructor about your projects or areas of special interest:
    4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

  • More Course Info

    What is this course about?

    In this course, you learn how to develop sophisticated reports using Crystal Reports, an industry-leading report-writing tool. You learn to connect to various corporate data sources, such as SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access and XML files. You navigate these data storage systems, learn to find the information you need, and extract the data to produce sophisticated reports.

    You learn to publish these reports via the Internet and intranets. You also learn to integrate reports into custom applications. You return to your organization with a detailed checklist to help you connect to data sources and begin creating useful reports.

    Who will benefit from this course?

    This course is valuable for anyone involved in creating reports from stored data, including systems analysts, business analysts, data analysts, project managers who want custom reports, systems administrators who need to report on system logs, programmer analysts who need to integrate reports into custom applications, and Webmasters who want to publish reports to the Internet or intranets.

    Those who are new to Crystal Reports will learn how to build and create reports while experienced users will be introduced more sophisticated reporting techniques that are not intuitive to the self-learner.

    What background do I need?

    While no formal background is required, you should be comfortable using Windows and working with a spreadsheet or word processor. Experience working with formulas in a spreadsheet program is also helpful.

    The course starts off with a Crystal Reports introduction, and moves on to intermediate and advanced topics covering the gamut of the product. All backgrounds will benefit from taking this course.

    What is Crystal Reports?

    Crystal Reports is a widespread, industry-leading report writer. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to build reports quickly, yet has enough depth to produce complex reports to satisfy advanced reporting needs.

    What if my organization is not using the latest version of Crystal Reports?

    This course uses Crystal Reports 2011. Crystal Reports 2011 is split into two major versions, SAP Crystal Reports 2011 and SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise, which are not the same product. This course covers Crystal Report 2011, which is the same product as Crystal Report 2008 with bug fixes and minimal updates. Crystal Report Enterprise requires SAP Semantic layer and is not covered in this course. If you are using a prior version of Crystal Reports such as 2008, XI, 10, 9 or 8 within your organization, this course will still be applicable. If you use Crystal Reports 7 or an earlier version, you will notice a greater change with the user interface, but much of what you learn in this course will still apply.

    What are some of the new features in Crystal Reports 2011?

    Crystal Reports 2011 is an incremental update from Crystal Reports 2008, and includes service pack integration with Visual Studio 2010.

    How is this course beneficial for power users?

    As a power user, you will learn how to access data and improve your ability to communicate with database experts. Additionally, you will be introduced to sophisticated reporting techniques.

    I am a systems administrator. Will this course be beneficial to me?

    Yes. Crystal Reports allows you to connect to non-traditional data sources, such as blogs and XML files, so you benefit from the ability to report on systems data.

    I am a programmer. How will this course benefit me?

    Crystal Reports are popular reports to display in .NET applications. In this course, you learn how to display reports in a custom Web or desktop application via Visual Studio.

    Your programming skills can also be used to work with formulas and queries in Crystal Reports.

    Do I need to know about the databases I am working with before I take this course?

    No. In this course, you learn to read, navigate and create reports from a variety of databases. This knowledge enables you to create effective reports to display database information.

    What can I do with the reports I create?

    This course provides the knowledge and skills to deploy your report statically or dynamically in your environment. You learn how to deploy a reports statically to a Web server and export the report to various formats such as PDF, Word and Excel. You also learn the framework necessary to embed a Crystal Report into a custom .NET application.

    How much time is devoted to each topic?

    Crystal Reports overview0.5
    Crystal Report Writer8.0
    Linking Crystal Reports to data1.5
    Interpreting structures and retrieving data1.5
    Combining powerful report techniques3.0
    Programming data functionality4.0
    Deploying reports to the Internet, intranets, Visual Basic and .NET 2.5

    Times, including the workshops, are estimates; exact times may vary according to the needs of each class.

    What kinds of hands-on exercises are included in the course?

    Approximately 40 percent of class time is spent in hands-on exercises. The exercises you perform in class include:

    • Developing a variety of reports
    • Adding design and readability features
    • Exploring data sources
    • Establishing connections to databases
    • Deploying reports to the Internet, intranets and custom applications
    • Using formulas in a report

    I'm attending this course from work using AnyWare-Learning Tree's web-based remote attendance platform. How will that impact what I learn?

    You will participate fully in the course and acquire the same knowledge and skills as your classmates who participate in the classroom. You will have the same course materials, be able to easily communicate back and forth and ask questions of your instructors and peers, and you will control an in-classroom workstation dedicated entirely to you. Your instructor will be able to see exactly what you're doing and can interactively offer concrete help.

    What platform and software are used?

    You use Windows 7 at your workstation. However, the course does not feature any specific operating system. The techniques learned in the course are applicable to any Windows platform.

    Throughout the exercises, you connect to SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and blogs to report on data that you retrieve from these data sources.

    Will I learn to write formula language?

    Yes. Crystal formula language is a core topic in this course. You learn how to write formulas to add custom business logic to your reports. This course covers Crystal Decisions formula syntax and its new Basic syntax.

    What data sources can I report from using Crystal Reports?

    You can use Crystal Reports with relational databases (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, Access), text files, Lotus Notes and Domino, blog files, and system administration log files.

    Does this course cover other Business Object (formerly Crystal Decisions) software products?

    Yes, this course reviews the Crystal Reports Server (formally known as Crystal Enterprise) as a way of deploying reports.

    How does this course relate to other Learning Tree courses?

    If you would like to add reports to custom applications, you may be interested in Course 502, Programming with .NET Introduction.

    If you would like to learn more about databases, you may be interested in these courses:

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"The hands-on experience in the Crystal Reports class significantly increased my productivity in working with the product. I am no longer clicking and hunting -- it's like a light bulb went on!"

– F. Tucker
IT Manager
American Society of Appraisers